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The Sweetwater Kit is named for the Sweetwater River in Wyoming which was one of the most common routes for Mountain Men of the 1800s when traveling to trading posts and rendezvous. The river is relatively small with some rough patches but was a critical and essential waterway to any mountain man.

The Sweetwater Kit is the smallest and simplest Trauma kit from Mountain Man Medical. It includes the bare minimum essentials for emergency medicine with a price tag under $50. When designing this kit the team set out to build something that they felt would suffice for 80% of emergencies but could be sold for under $50 to ensure affordability for every American adult and household.

Also, when putting this kit together the team focused on compact components. This kit can easily be repurposed to a smaller pouch or an ankle IFAK or cargo pocket. Mini compression bandage, mini marker, small shears, tightly bundled gloves, and 2-inch gauze and bandages are some of the keys to that overall compact delivery.

Quick Specs:

Outside dimensions: 7″ tall x 5″ wide x 4″ deep

Weight: Varies from 12.3oz to 13.4oz depending on the options your select

Contents Include:

“Falcon” Pouch with First Aid Patch

This pouch is the perfect size to hold your medical gear without taking up a lot of space in a backpack, vehicle, range bag etc.

Made from a strong nylon that will not tear or rip. Equipped with SBS zippers and featuring a 3x2inch velcro patch receiver equipped with a 2x2inch Patch (patch not shown below).

Inside the pouch, you will find specially designed storage and organizer straps and pockets.

Dimensions (Not including carry handle):

Height: 7.5 inches | 19 cm
Width: 4.3 inches | 11 cm
Depth: 2.5 inches | 16.5 cm

The pouch empty weighs 7oz

Your Choice of Tourniquet

Choose to include either the SWAT-T, CAT (Combat Application Tourniquet), or SOF-T Wide from Tacmed.

The SWAT-T is a versatile proven tourniquet. Just wrap and stretch using the instructions printed on the tourniquet itself to ensure proper application. Unlike many popular tourniquets, it can be applied on animals or any appendage. It can also double as a compression bandage in a pinch.

The C-A-T and SOF-T tourniquets are both TCCC approved for combat use and have been the industry standard for tourniquets for decades. Easy to self-apply and fast and quick to slack with windlass. Please note we only sell genuine tourniquets. These are NOT fake counterfeits. For more information on the differences between these tourniquets review this video.

TacMed Compact Trauma Bandage

The Compact Trauma Bandage from TacMed Solutions is a simple, effective pressure dressing designed to treat non-life-threatening hemorrhaging. It utilizes an elastic wrap material that can be used to generate pressure and a sterile wound pad that can be placed directly over the injury to aid in the control of bleeding. The bandage is flat-folded and vacuum-sealed to create a low profile so it can be easily stored.

2 Pairs Large Nitrile Gloves*

These heavy-duty strength gloves (5-mil thick) are made from medical grade synthetic rubber. They are puncture-resistant, stretchable and ambidextrous. They are disposable and designed for single use. These are size Large, designed to fit an overwhelming majority of American adults.

They are individually pre-wrapped in pairs and packaged for easy and fast deployment. Designed to fit in ankle cuffs and other compact IFAK pouches and carriers.

Nitrile gloves are a superior alternative to traditional latex as they offer greater durability, chemical resistance and control while simultaneously being non-allergenic. Take comfort in knowing these gloves are Latex-Free and Powder-Free.

Each Sweetwater Kit comes with 2 Pair (4 gloves)

Trauma Shears

Tested by our team with simple fabrics, cotton & poly blends, thick fleece, multiple layers of denim, through seams, with gauze & elastic bandages, tape, and much much more. Will cut right the first time through anything you need without any separation between the blades or weakness in the pivot point.

They will fit in any IFAK or medical kit at only 14.5cm long. Professionally designed for doctors, nurses, EMT & EMS. Blunt tips keep your patient safe.

Black Permanent Mini Marker

Permanent ink writes on paper, plastic, metal, skin, fabric, and most other surfaces. Smear resistant ink dries quickly and resists fading and water.

Cap can be easily attached to a keychain or zipper pull for convenience. Tested by our team on simple fabrics, skin, tourniquets, elastic bandages, tape, and much more.

Compressed Gauze Z-Fold – 4.5 inches x 4.1 yards

Emergency Krinkle gauze that is compressed for easier and more compact transportation of emergency dressings. This compressed crinkle gauze expands and is highly absorbent to cover larger wounds. Made of pre-washed, fluff-dried woven gauze that is soft and absorbent. Folded and compressed this bandage will expand to cover a large area or wound.

1 Elastic Wrap Bandage Hook/Loop Self-Closure – 2 inch x 5 yards

High-quality elastic bandage with convenient hook and loop self-closure so you can easily self apply without trying to use clips or other common systems. Made from a cotton / polyester knit construction for moderate compression treatment.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

6 reviews for The “Sweetwater” Trauma Kit – Mountain Man Medical

  1. Al Clarkson (verified owner)

    As a volunteer firefighter in Wyoming we get a lot of First Aid and Stop The Bleed type training but also as a person that is armed most of the time I feel it is only to my advantages to learn everything I can about Bleeding, this course was great I just wish it was longer. As I previously stated I am a armed person, the chance to get a trauma kit as good as the Sweet Water to keep on my bag at the low price that was charged I could not pass up. And after a through inspection of the kit I am satisfied that it we do the job intended, I do plan in the future to augment the kit with a couple more of the Mountian Man Medical items. All in all it is a sound investment in my health.

  2. R. Jewell (verified owner)

    Not that impressed. The North American gear (tourniquet & trauma dressing) and SWAT-T tourniquet are quality items, but the scissors, gauze, gloves, and elastic bandage are so-so. Decent kit for having on the range. Really bought this so that I could have access to the Mountain Man medical videos and I still haven’t learned how to access those.

    • Jacob Paulsen

      R. Jewell, sorry to read your review. The gloves, gauze, and elastic bandage are all name-brand products we have compared and tested. The shears are not name-brand but we have extensively tested them to ensure quality performance over time. We sent emails out to clarify how to access the training videos and as it seems you have not received those emails here are quick instructions: Click on the “User Dashboard” link in the top left corner of this website. Login. Click on “My Courses.” Click on “Emergency Trauma Response.” Please contact us if you have any additional challenges accessing the videos or if you would like to return your kit for a refund.

  3. B. Nischwitz

    I am retired LEO and have had some first responder training. I carry most of the time and am trying to have a kit with me or near me at all times. I believe this is a solid kit, I see nothing wrong with it at all, very good products. As a bonus I have access to all of the videos, I watched them all when they were released and thought they were informative. I have added a CAT that I already owned and a emergency knife (seat belt cutter, normal blade, and glass punch) to the kit since it will be in my car most of the time. I highly recommend the kit, keep up the good work.

  4. Garry Bryant (verified owner)

    The Moutain Man Medical videos aired just as I was starting CERT training class for my town. Due to the videos I already had a firm knowledge of basic needs when the medical class was presented. In fact I was able to add a few things to the class not talked about which added to other classmates medical knowledge. I learned the big difference between a booboo kit and a trauma kit. I’ve carried only for a couple years and didn’t know of the importance of having a trama kit close at hand, or several. The products are first rate, I got one each of the Sweetwater and the Yellowstone, had a neighbor who is an ER doc who was very impressed with the items, and my brother-in-law who’s a former combat medic in Iraq was impressed too. Now only if this covid-19 virus would be done I’d like to take some more medical training.

  5. Tamara K (verified owner)

    I think this is the best investment I could make for something I hope to never have to use. Quality products, you will not be disappointed. Thank you for putting a good basic kit together, that is cost effective and comprehensive. I know we will be glad we made this purchase if it is ever needed.

  6. Rob

    Plenty of room to grow, the kit is compact, but space for aftermarket items. the CAT tourniquet a little tight fitting in. Seems like a pretty rugged case.

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