SkinTight Pocket & Apparel Holster


CCW Breakaways

The SkinTight holster has a strong kydex shell surrounded by a soft but strong material that is “no-slide” to ensure the holster stays in place when you draw your firearm.


Eliminate Accidental/Negligent Discharges

Super-skinny-thin, Hard-core, Soft-skin Pocket Holster

Active Self Protection's John Correia examines the CCW Breakaways systems . . . how they came to be . . . and how the new SkinTight Pocket holster can be used for firearms without manual safeties.

Pocket Holster Features:

  1. Impenetrable Hard Kydex Core . . . Safe Trigger Protection
  2. Comfortable Soft-To-Touch Outer Skin
  3. Tightly Fitting Wrap-Around . . . Not Thick & Bulky
  4. Formed Site Channel . . . No Snags
  5. Unobstructed Entry . . . Smooth Sliding Withdrawal
  6. Trigger Finger Registration Bump . . . Always Land on the Slide . . . No AD/ND

Works great as a stand-alone pocket holster or pair it with any apparel system.

Optionally you can add an adhesive Hook/Loop strip. You will receive both the hook and loop strips with a strong adhesive. You can apply whichever you need to your pocket holster for use with bags or apparel systems that utilize velcro.

Comes in two sizes: Single Stack and Double Stack

Firearms Tested to fit the Single Stack Size Holster Include:

  • Glock 43, 43X, 42
  • Sig P365, P938
  • Ruger LC9 and EC9
  • S&W Shield
  • Kimber EVO
  • Mossberg MC1sc
  • Kahr CW9, PM9
  • Springfield XD(s)
  • Walther PPS

Firearms Tested to fit the Double Stack size holster include:

  • Glock 26, 27
  • SCCY CPx-1
  • Taurus G2c

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