SIRT Laser Training Pistol 115 PRO for Glock



A complete replacement training pistol, built to exacting standards to closely replicate a GEN5 Glock 17. Since 2015 the NRA has been endorsing Laser Simulated Training with the SIRT. Training with your real gun at the range is important but by itself, it is setting you up to fail. To be fully prepared for a deadly encounter you need a tool like the SIRT to fill the gaps in your firearm training plan. More details below. Looking for a different model SIRT? Click here to see all options



Why You Need A Laser Simulation Training Gun

I don't know anyone that gets to the range as often as they should. Studies show that it takes about 10,000 hours of doing something in order to build strong skills. Considering the potential liability of not being prepared to defend yourself when life is on the line, and considering the many challenges that prevent us from building the muscle memory needed to react quickly; most shooters are really set up to fail. If you want to win you need to supplement your live fire training with at home laser simulated training.

Jacob S Paulsen – President

The Cost Savings Alone Are Worth It $$

Ammunition & Range fees are Expensive: Depending on the political climate you may not be able to even find ammunition for your gun at all. If you can it doesn't come cheap even when you buy in bulk. While we all have to “bite the bullet” and deal with the costs of ammunition and the range fees; each of us can do it only so often. Plus when you consider the cost of your time and the transportation to and from the range it can really become challenging!




There is no substitute for live fire training at the range but the environment falls short of giving you all the tools you need to be prepared for a self-defense situation. Consider these huge shortcomings of the range:

Full Range of Motion: Pulling the trigger is one thing but professionals know you also need to train drawing the firearm from your concealed holster, readying the firearm, getting into a stance and grip, dealing with reloads and malfunctions, and re-holstering the gun. Not only do most ranges have rules against this but it can also be very dangerous to train these things with a fully loaded firearm.

Stationary: Real life never holds still but at the range you are probably only allowed to stand still and fire at a stationary target. This doesn’t prepare you for a world where targets move and you need to move also.

Single Target: Indoor ranges particularly have rules against you setting up multiple targets but in real life you can’t bet your life on there only being a single assailant.

Environment: Where do you think you are most likely to have to defend yourself from a deadly threat? Your home. So doesn't it make sense that you should spend as much time as possible training in your home? The range doesn't let you practice peeling corners or going up and down a stairwell.


This Is the SIRT

SIRT is an acronym that stands for Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger

The SIRT, made by Next Level Training is a professional training tool that is built for serious shooters who want to supplement live-fire training with Laser Simulation. The SIRT Training Pistol brings together a host of patent-pending technologies critical to improving shooting accuracy while addressing issues of cost and liability. If you need or want to explore laser simulated Gun training you need a SIRT.

Core Features Include:

  • Weighted: The SIRT is heavy like a real gun. It doesn't feel like a toy because it isn't one.
  • The magazine is released the same way as a standard semi-automatic magazine. The magazine is also weighted to simulate a fully loaded magazine.
  • The trigger can be tightened or loosened but is designed to feel like the trigger break on a normal handgun
  • The SIRT is available in 3 different “bodies” with this particular model being molded after a M&P. This means it's easy to find compatible holsters and accessories with which you can train.
  • The SIRT has a functioning forward rail onto which you can mount lights or… lasers?
  • The SIRT is sighted in and accurate. When you pull the trigger the projected laser will hit the target exactly where the sights are aligned.
  • The projected laser is strong enough to register on laser simulated targets and software programs like L.A.S.R.
  • The SIRT has a “take up” laser that can be optionally turned on or off that is helpful for instructors and trainers who are working with students.



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