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Make mother nature wait! 1-Lube-CLP is our advanced three-stage Cleaner/Lubricant/Protectant for all guns. It is the easiest and fastest way to clean and maintain your guns.

1-LUBE-CLP'S advanced cleaning technology removes carbon from the micro pores in the metal surfaces. Let it show you what you missed from your last cleaning!

1-LUBE-CLP also conditions the metal by filling in the metal’s microscopic structure with micro-dry lubricants. It provides the best possible lubricity across an exceptionally wide temperature spectrum, exceeding the highest and lowest possible temperatures likely to be experienced. Metal parts slide freely, without the gumming up and grit attraction of oils, due to the remarkable “dry boundary lubrication” properties of 1-LUBE-CLP.

A light application will remove fouling from carbon or other sources. A few drops to all moving parts and working the action is all that is required for reliable dry lubrication.

The protective properties of 1-LUBE-CLP'S anti-corrosion nano-particles cuts off the breathability of the iron in the metal surface, delaying the corrosion process and protecting your guns.

MILSPEC1 technology has been tested under severe battle conditions, from the desert sands of Kuwait and Iraq, to the freezing mountains of Afghanistan!


Protect the gun that protects you! 
Welcome to the home of modern technology. We make it easy for you to maintain your firearms — even your BB, pellet and air-soft Guns…
Clean, lubricated actions, bores and triggers offer a safer shooting experience with fewer malfunctions and greater shooting accuracy.

MILSPEC-1 sets the standard!

Three decades ago we pioneered the development of advanced micro-Teflon dry lubricants. Our products support our troops — from the blazing, sand-swept deserts of Kuwait and Iraq, to the freezing mountains of Afghanistan.

Our Milspec-1 proprietary products protect and lubricate your gun’s surfaces and moving parts, keeping them safe from heat, friction and foulants like gun powder residue, old contaminated oils, dirt & dust — both during and after shooting.
Our dry lubrication properties extend far beyond the capabilities of ordinary gun lubes. Our space-age lubrication technologies can withstand temperatures in excess of 1,000 degrees F,  and freezing temps down to 400 degrees below Zero — all while taking hundreds of thousands of pounds of pressure!


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