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Citizen Armor Hard Armor Ballistic Plates


With this Citizen Armor Insert you can turn an ordinary backpack, briefcase, laptop case or purse into a life-saving protective shield. Harnessing the ballistic potential of carbon nanotubes our armor is ultra-lightweight and flexible while protecting you from active shooters, knife attacks and bomb threats. It is available in Threat Level IIIA.

*While no background check or FFL is required to buy body armor; please note that it is illegal for a convicted felon to own or possess body armor. In addition, Connecticut law requires that all purchases of Body Armor must be fully transacted face to face. Connecticut residents please do not purchase as we will have to refund and cancel your order.



Hard armor ballistic plates are necessary in high-risk tactical situations and can be used in conjunction with the SHTF Tactical Vests for full coverage of vital organs on front and back. These Hard Ballistic Plates come in a variety of plate options that protect against NIJ Level III threats, offering maximum protection from bullets and blunt force trauma.

The current N.I.J. (National Institute of Justice) standard started in 1987 and the most recent version published in July 2008 is the main standard used today. It covers aspects of design, manufacturing and ballistics for hard and soft body armor. Armor that has been submitted to NIJ for testing and has received certification of compliance can be worn with the confidence that it will perform to the stated rating.

There are 5 threat levels for ballistic body armor but for most applications, the two levels that are significant for soft body armor are Level II and Level IIIA. Level III and IV are for hard body armor plates designed to protect against projectiles at rifle speeds. Specifically, these Level III plates are tested to withstand 7.62 and below. All AR-15 and AK47 rounds and all handgun rounds included.

Keep in mind, the rounds used in testing are faster than normal factory rounds which give all NIJ tests an added level of assurance that the designated calibers will be stopped within the guidelines of the standard. In other words, NIJ certified armor should be slightly over-tested in order to ensure safety and confidence.

For more information about the current NIJ body armor standard please click here or view the entire standard PDF here Standard-0101.06.


  • 8″ x 10″ Shooters Cut – 2.1lbs
  • 10″ x 12″ Shooters Cut – 3.2lbs


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