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ArachniGrip Slide Spider


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These gun grips are made with the goal of giving you a strong, stable, and safe grip. Each of the grips is made from a strong, durable material that is easy to grab and hold onto, even in extremely moist conditions or extreme temperatures. They are applied onto the back of the slide and provide a grip that you can trust.

ArachniGrip Slide Spiders are sold in pairs. Your order of one (1) unit will come with 2 slide spiders in solid black.

We want all shooters to have the equipment they need to shoot safely, and our products and videos are designed with that goal in mind.

The Slide Spider is perfect for every shooter. Here are just some of the benefits or situations where our product shines:

  1. In wet conditions. Rain, sweat, blood. Whatever might increase the difficulty of operating the slide… the Slide Spider will solve that problem
  2. One-handed manipulations. Racking the slide on clothing or any object when required to operate the gun one-handed can be challenging. The Slide Spider will add friction against that surface and make one-handed cycling easier than ever.
  3. Weakened hand and/or grip strength. Lacking in grip strength or suffering from arthritis? The Slide Spider will give you a great grip and ease the operation of the slide.

If you’re new to the world of firearms or if you have years of experience, our grips can make your handguns even easier to use.



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