Alexo Athletica Carry Crop Leggings

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Alexo Athletica

With seven pockets…these versatile high-rise leggings were designed with your safety and active lifestyle in mind-perfect for keeping all of your essentials in one place and easy to access.


Designed for: Run, hike, out and about and around home

Nylon/Spandex Blend: Added blend for stretch, breathability, and shape retention

Comfortable High Waistband: Lies flat against your skin, won't dig in gives added tummy control

Extra Waistband Storage: Pockets on the waistband hold your key, card, mace, flashlight, knife, or firearm

Hugged Sensation: Engineered to feel like a comfortable embrace throughout – it holds you close and moves with you

Inseam: 22″


Due to the high waist construction, compressive nature of our pants and the importance of proper fit in the waist, we recommend buying your pants based off your waist measurements for proper fit. When carrying self defense tools, you want a nice snug fit to hold everything in place. Please note, when you first try on your Alexo pants you may notice a “cracking” sound. This is normal and does not mean your pants don’t fit, you are simply breaking in the material. Please also note that the pockets intended to hold your firearm were designed to hold micro carry options such as Ruger LCP, Glock 42, Sig P238, etc. Make sure your firearm is securely in place before doing any rigorous activity and avoid placing heavier options in the holster pocket. Please read all disclaimer and liability information prior to purchase. Anything over the recommended size of firearm should be worn with caution and discontinued immediately if the waistband no longer supports a snug fit.

1 review for Alexo Athletica Carry Crop Leggings

  1. Katie (verified owner)

    Fits great around the waist, and holds everything well. But the material is kind of heavy, and started to bunch up behind the knees. Will be nice in colder weather, but if it’s warm at all they will be to hot.

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