Course Category: Firearm Training

  • Pistol Intelligence - Online

    36 Lessonsin
    • Pistol Intelligence Online Course - $74.58
  • American Gun Law

    46 Lessonsin
    • American Gun Law - $65.56

    The most comprehensive course and program for any American Gun Owner related to law. A single package that includes the knowledge, the resources, the tutorials, and the training you need to prepare for any firearm-related legal incident, deal with it correctly when it happens, and have a successful outcome.

  • Vehicle Firearm Tactics

    24 Lessonsin
    • Vehicle Firearm Tactics Online Course - $37.62

    A comprehensive video course about how to defend yourself and loved ones in and around vehicles. The course is broken into three modules: Defense from within the vehicle, Defense around the vehicle, and Shooting into the vehicle.

  • Handgun Grip Development With Mike Hughes

    18 Lessonsin
    • Handgun Grip Development Course - $1.00

    Have you ever thought of how you grip your gun, how to build your natural point of aim, and increase your accuracy of follow up shots?  This is a very concise and focused course that drills down into details of the very core fundamental, on the grip on the pistol. Each video is between 1 - 2 minutes with highly focused learning points.  This is not a course telling you,that you have to do this or that. Instead this course is formed from observing thousands of shooters and hundreds of instructors and takes an objective-based approach to give this core fundamental attention.

  • Ultimate Dryfire Training Program With John Wallace

    33 Lessonsin
    • Ultimate Dryfire Training Program With John Wallace - $2.23

    This course consists of unique training videos produced by LASR founder John Wallace. They take you through a curriculum designed to help improve and learn core shooting fundamentals all within a dry fire environment.

  • Complete Home Defense - Tactics For Defending Your Castle

    47 Lessonsin
    • Complete Home Defense: Tactics for Defending Your Castle - $39.45
    complete home defense

    A comprehensive approach to Home Defense that includes physical and armed security elements. Over 8 hours in total. Learn how to fortify your home and deal with violent attacks when they occur.