Course Category: Firearm Training

  • Ultimate Dryfire Training Program With John Wallace

    33 Lessonsin
    • Ultimate Dryfire Training Program With John Wallace - $2.23

    This course consists of unique training videos produced by LASR founder John Wallace. They take you through a curriculum designed to help improve and learn core shooting fundamentals all within a dry fire environment.

  • Complete Home Defense - Tactics For Defending Your Castle

    47 Lessonsin
    • Complete Home Defense: Tactics for Defending Your Castle - $27.60
    complete home defense

    A comprehensive approach to Home Defense that includes physical and armed security elements. Over 8 hours in total. Learn how to fortify your home and deal with violent attacks when they occur.

  • Fighting From Cover With Unconventional Shooting Positions

    30 Lessonsin
    • Fighting From Cover With Unconventional Shooting Positions - $30.06

    Fighting From Cover basically follows this general outline: First: What are the various skills and tactics of use of cover and various shooting positions. Second: How does one practice and build those skills and make them second nature (especially given the challenges of range restrictions and potential safety risks). Third: How does the use of cover skills and tactics get applied in a real-life gunfight.

  • Handgun Shooting Drills Volume 1

    16 Lessonsin
    • Handgun Shooting Drills Volume 1 Online Course - $9.99
    handgun shooting drills

    This course consists of 15 industry standard drills designed to help one learn, practice, and master specific shooting skills. Measuring your performance is key to improvement and these drill videos will show you how to setup the drills, run the drills, and how to improve on these specific skills.

  • Draw Like A Pro

    9 Lessonsin
    • Draw Like A Pro - $19.95
    learn to draw better

    A virtual walkthrough lesson to help you refine your draw stroke and target presentation to gain efficiency which ultimately leads to speed.

  • Gun Safety

    16 Lessonsin
    • Gun Safety - $0.00
    gun safety

    Safety before all else. This course is meant to expand our conversation, understanding, and application of gun safety rules and best practices.