Bulletproof Ballistic Soft Panel Inserts for Bags and Backpacks

There are very few things that can save your life that are legal in all 50 states, on airplanes, and at school. Ballistic inserts for bags are one of them! You can turn an ordinary backpack, briefcase, laptop case or purse into a life-saving protective shield.

The Need:

We never know when or where the next attack will come. The FBI's own research and report shows that Active Shooter events are increasing in frequency and can take place anywhere and anytime.

Source: abc12.com

A large number of us leave the house with a bag of some sort each day. Be it your backpack, purse, briefcase, portfolio bag, etc. It is growing increasingly common for us to transport a laptop to and from school/work and it makes sense to have a bag to protect it. Millions of children and young college enrolled young adults use a backpack every day to transport books and other school supplies.

In 2014 during a FSU Campus shooting student Jason Derfuss was saved by the layered books in his backpack but in today's digital age kids carry arounds laptops and access online text books. A ballistic panel is needed more than ever before.

In addition, the number of gun free zones are increasing. Even those who legally carry concealed firearms can't take them into most schools, onto airplanes, to sporting events, or most government buildings. This leaves us all equally vulnerable in places that have traditionally been targeted by Active Shooters and deranged killers. While wearing body armor every day is becoming more common most feel it remains to bulky or uncomfortable for daily use.

Inserting a “bulletproof” panel into your bag and using it as a shield is Very High Convenience and Very Low Cost relative to wearing full body armor.

What Should You Be Looking For?

When considering ballistic inserts for your bag there are several important factors.


All other things being equal there is no need to overpay for good ballistic inserts for your bag.

Weight and Thickness

With any body armor type product, we want the lightest and thinnest product possible without sacrificing performance.


Nothing else matters if the panel doesn't stop bullets. Most panels are advertised as being Level IIIA NIJ certified which effectively means they should stop all handgun ammunition but in our tests we found that they don't all live up to the claim.

Which Is The Top Product Given Those Factors?

We recently tested 6 different competitors at the range using a variety of low and high power handgun rounds measuring back-face deformation using clay.


We tested products from NcStar / VISM, Safe Life, AR500, BulletSafe, Man-Pack, and Citizen Armor. For us the results clearly highlighted one product over all the competition. Citizen Armor.

Citizen Armor ballistic inserts are the lightest and thinnest of all the inserts we tested.

Citizen Armor ballistic inserts tied with one other competitor as having the best performance, specifically in stopping all handgun rounds with the least amount of backface deformation.

Citizen Armor ballistic inserts are the second least expensive option among all the competitors… and the least expensive was the worst in performance so it really had to be ruled out as an option.

Knowing what we knew we have been in contact with Citizen Armor and now carry their ballistic inserts in our online store. We have the lowest pricing on these anywhere online and encourage you to purchase one for every bag that anyone in your family uses regularly!


Citizen Armor Ballistic Insert
Level IIIA Protection
Small – 7×10 Inches

Citizen Armor Ballistic Insert
Level IIIA Protection
Medium – 10×13 Inches
Citizen Armor Ballistic Insert
Level IIIA Protection
Large – 11×15 Inches
$84.15 $118.15 $152.15
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