Will Your Gun Go Down In Your Gunfight?

shooter ready challenge

I’ve been thinking about malfunctions a lot lately. In the training environment and at the static range malfunctions are frankly rare for me as I suspect they are for most of you reading this. Any quality firearm, well maintained, is going to have relatively few malfunctions. That said I see malfunctions often enough in gunfight videos and reports to…

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S9E2: Setting Up Your Dry Fire Dojo

Today, Riley Bowman and Jacob Paulsen discuss how to properly and safely setup your dry fire practice area or as it’s sometimes called, “dry fire dojo.” This concept was recently featured as our monthly Shooter Ready Challenge.

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New Website Exclusively Offers Dry Fire Tools

If you’re reading this, you probably understand the benefit of dry fire practice, and are loing for new tools and ways to enhance your dryfire training. Well, things just got a little easier. There are enough eCommerce websites and web stores in the firearm industry to be sure. In today’s environment, every manufacturer has a…

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