Adhesive Reactive Targets From

We are proud to now be selling our own line of targets. Made right here in the U.S.A. these targets are all about quality. We wanted the best adhesive with the highest quality target paper and printing that could be found. The unique no-glare printing process ensures you can see the targets at any distance and in any lighting conditions. The adhesive is strong and will hold in temperatures between -20 degrees F and +160 degrees F. More details below! Reactive Targets use Fluorescent Impregnated Base Material. Other target marketing companies use a white base material that has been printed yellow or other bright color as much as 40% white base material is reflected back after the projectile penetrates the base, this reduces the visibility. Reactive Targets introduce Anti Glare Technology, Blinding reflections have been eliminated. Other target marketing companies have serious reflection problems both at outside and inside ranges. Reactive Targets overprints a muted background color on the top of the fluorescent yellow base material that resembles the NRA or Federal Standard Color (military / law enforcement) for paper targets. The muted color is overprinted on top the fluorescent yellow base material helps the shooter from any distraction and may also reduce eye fatigue. Other target companies save on cost by not printing a muted color on the base. Reactive Targets adhesive targets have a surface application range form -20 F to +160 F with a low flow adhesive that is designed to stick to a wide variety of substrates. Most of the other target marketing companies use general purpose adhesives. targets are printed/produced here in the United States using proprietary machines and processes with US sourced materials in partnership with a 40+ year old American business.