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Video Submission Instructions

Step 1: Record Your Video

It is important to keep in mind that in order for your video submission to be fully accepted you need to keep the recording continuous, show the shots on target, and show the time on the shot timer.


Step 2: Upload Your Video to The Internet Somewhere (Facebook & YouTube are Most Common)

The point is to put the video somewhere online where you can retrieve a direct link (url) to the video that you can share with us. Most people use Facebook or YouTube but if you know the process and have the option you could use DropBox,, GoogleDrive, or any other content cloud hosting service.

Please keep in mind that if you upload the video to somewhere using Privacy settings we may not be able to watch your video and your submission won't count.


Step 3: Submit Your Video on the Challenge Drill “Topic” of the Guardian Nation Forum

Answers To Common Questions:

How do I get the URL from Facebook?

Click on the Date/Time above the video on your Facebook profile and it will open the actual video URL. You can test this by copying it and pasting it into a new window and seeing if it takes you directly to the video.