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Concealed Carry Gun Tools Google Play App Changelog

Version 3.3.0 – 7/7/17 Release

  • Fix: Enhanced Permit Maps
  • Fix: Issue With Wisconsin Permit Maps
  • Fix: Resolved issue with app freezing in training logs

Version 3.2.9 – 5/29/17 Release

  • FIX: Some users experienced freeze when adding a new training log entry
  • FIX: Updated logo in bootup screen
  • TWEAK: Push up screen on sign-in & register pages so you can see the fields above your keyboard
  • ADD: Hyperlink Call and Email button in My Contacts
  • TWEAK: YouTube videos embedded in articles will now load and can be watched in app

Version 3.2.3 – 4/10/17 Release

  • FIX: Firearm Library Entries now fix on Screen
  • TWEAK: Firearm Library Entries can now be edited or deleted within the App
  • TWEAK: Login/Register Popup text updated
  • FIX: Load more deals on Deals page will not push user back to the top of page anymore
  • FIX: Training dashboard chart now fits on portrait mode screen
  • TWEAK: Training logs now easy to edit and delete from mobile app
  • FIX: Some users were not seeing 2017 training logs

Version 3.1.20 – 3/20/17 Release

  • Fixed notifications

Version 3.1.19 – 2/13/17 Release

  • Fixed “Load More” option in Articles which was forcing user to top of page
  • Fixed order of comment display on articles
  • Fixed error with training log entries not saving for some users
  • Added option to save image of reciprocity map for offline use
  • Images in Deal section now hyperlinked to deal
  • Forums are now displayed in correct order
  • Logo updated to current logo on device, boot up screen, login page, and app menu
  • Brand changed from USA Firearm Training to

Version 3.1.16 – 1/5/17 Release

  • TWEAK: Changes made to account for our website change from to
  • UPDATE: Update Copyright at the bottom of the app.
  • UPDATE: The Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus icons are replaced with better icons. Also added instagram and YouTube.
  • FIX: Resolved the issue with an image with a caption doesn't fitting on screen , In the articles.
  • TWEAK: Made the top bar of the app, where the menu icon is, fixed.
  • ADD: Added the word “MENU” next to the menu icon at the top left corner of the app.
  • ADD: Included Audio player in the articles detailed section.
  • TWEAK: Changed the app icon and name that appears on the user's phone.

Version 3.1.14 – 9/26/16 Release

  • FIX: App was broken due to increased security protocols on our website and server. App security protocols were fixed and updated.

Version 3.1.12  – 9/1/16 Release

  • FIX: Map builder upgraded to allow for enhanced vs basic permits

Version 3.1.10  – 8/10/16 Release

  • FIX: Some Images in articles didn't format properly for mobile screen
  • TWEAK: Directory search more user friendly
  • TWEAK: Directory search autopopulates location
  • TWEAK: Directory results displayed in order of distance from user

Version 3.1.9 – 5/4/16 Release

  • FIX: My Courses not rendering properly
  • TWEAK: Auto-open menu on launch
  • ADD: My Contacts section for users to store contact info for Gun instructor, range, and attorney
  • FIX: New pages open at top of page. Previously error caused some pages to open down page
  • FIX: External links now open outside of app in phone default browser

Version 3.17 – 2-22-16 Release

  • FIX: Forums not displaying properly
  • FIX: Images in Forums not displaying properly
  • FIX: Now easier to navigate forums and view content and authors

Version 3.1 – 12/3/15 Release

  • User no longer needs to login to access latest articles and CCW Map
  • Latest articles now load as default home screen
  • Image re-sizing in articles is fixed
  • Added a footer navigation home and back button to assist in-app navigation
  • Added navigation links in lessons without courses.
  • Added My Downloads and My Orders Menu items

Version 3.0 – 11/2/15 Release

  • ADD: Option to choose if you see the author and/or content in forums
  • ADD: Users can now access and complete their courses within the app
  • FIX: Back button wasn't working in all parts of the app

Version 2.0 – 10/19/15 Release

  • FIX: Images in articles not re-sizing properly
  • FIX: Removed weird alert message when  tried to open a topic in the forum
  • FIX: Text input on “Serial Number” field in the Firearm Tracker now allows letters and numbers
  • FIX: Implemented the Back button functionality for all sections
  • ADD: Implemented the Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity Map builder