Concealed Carry Gun Tools Google Play App Changelog

Version 4.0 – 4/19/18 Release

  • Complete overhaul of the UI to make the app faster and easier to use.
  • Profile now accessible via the menu.
  • New “My Permits” page where you can store all your resident and non-resident permit data with expiration dates
  • Firearm Library moved to profile
  • A user can now save items from the newsfeed for future reference
  • Reciprocity Map builder now automatically loads data based on “My Permits” page if available
  • Maps page (previously Business Directory) now automatically loads nearby businesses
  • NEW: Laws page includes a legal overview and summary of all 50 states (automatically updated)
  • NEW: Shop page allows you to browse all products for sale on
  • Training Log has been overhauled. It now has 3 layers of data. A training “Entry” is the highest level of data. Any training entry can include an unlimited number of training logs and each training log can include an unlimited number of training sessions.
  • The order history feature has been removed. In the future, we hope to reincorporate but for now, we are focused on stability and performance
  • The online course module has also been removed for the same reasons.

Version 3.3.0 – 7/7/17 Release

  • Fix: Enhanced Permit Maps
  • Fix: Issue With Wisconsin Permit Maps
  • Fix: Resolved issue with app freezing in training logs

Version 3.2.9 – 5/29/17 Release

  • FIX: Some users experienced freeze when adding a new training log entry
  • FIX: Updated logo in bootup screen
  • TWEAK: Push up screen on sign-in & register pages so you can see the fields above your keyboard
  • ADD: Hyperlink Call and Email button in My Contacts
  • TWEAK: YouTube videos embedded in articles will now load and can be watched in app

Version 3.2.3 – 4/10/17 Release

  • FIX: Firearm Library Entries now fix on Screen
  • TWEAK: Firearm Library Entries can now be edited or deleted within the App
  • TWEAK: Login/Register Popup text updated
  • FIX: Load more deals on Deals page will not push user back to the top of page anymore
  • FIX: Training dashboard chart now fits on portrait mode screen
  • TWEAK: Training logs now easy to edit and delete from mobile app
  • FIX: Some users were not seeing 2017 training logs

Version 3.1.20 – 3/20/17 Release

  • Fixed notifications

Version 3.1.19 – 2/13/17 Release

  • Fixed “Load More” option in Articles which was forcing user to top of page
  • Fixed order of comment display on articles
  • Fixed error with training log entries not saving for some users
  • Added option to save image of reciprocity map for offline use
  • Images in Deal section now hyperlinked to deal
  • Forums are now displayed in correct order
  • Logo updated to current logo on device, boot up screen, login page, and app menu
  • Brand changed from USA Firearm Training to

Version 3.1.16 – 1/5/17 Release

  • TWEAK: Changes made to account for our website change from to
  • UPDATE: Update Copyright at the bottom of the app.
  • UPDATE: The Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus icons are replaced with better icons. Also added instagram and YouTube.
  • FIX: Resolved the issue with an image with a caption doesn't fitting on screen , In the articles.
  • TWEAK: Made the top bar of the app, where the menu icon is, fixed.
  • ADD: Added the word “MENU” next to the menu icon at the top left corner of the app.
  • ADD: Included Audio player in the articles detailed section.
  • TWEAK: Changed the app icon and name that appears on the user's phone.

Version 3.1.14 – 9/26/16 Release

  • FIX: App was broken due to increased security protocols on our website and server. App security protocols were fixed and updated.

Version 3.1.12  – 9/1/16 Release

  • FIX: Map builder upgraded to allow for enhanced vs basic permits

Version 3.1.10  – 8/10/16 Release

  • FIX: Some Images in articles didn't format properly for mobile screen
  • TWEAK: Directory search more user friendly
  • TWEAK: Directory search autopopulates location
  • TWEAK: Directory results displayed in order of distance from user

Version 3.1.9 – 5/4/16 Release

  • FIX: My Courses not rendering properly
  • TWEAK: Auto-open menu on launch
  • ADD: My Contacts section for users to store contact info for Gun instructor, range, and attorney
  • FIX: New pages open at top of page. Previously error caused some pages to open down page
  • FIX: External links now open outside of app in phone default browser

Version 3.17 – 2-22-16 Release

  • FIX: Forums not displaying properly
  • FIX: Images in Forums not displaying properly
  • FIX: Now easier to navigate forums and view content and authors

Version 3.1 – 12/3/15 Release

  • User no longer needs to login to access latest articles and CCW Map
  • Latest articles now load as default home screen
  • Image re-sizing in articles is fixed
  • Added a footer navigation home and back button to assist in-app navigation
  • Added navigation links in lessons without courses.
  • Added My Downloads and My Orders Menu items

Version 3.0 – 11/2/15 Release

  • ADD: Option to choose if you see the author and/or content in forums
  • ADD: Users can now access and complete their courses within the app
  • FIX: Back button wasn't working in all parts of the app

Version 2.0 – 10/19/15 Release

  • FIX: Images in articles not re-sizing properly
  • FIX: Removed weird alert message when  tried to open a topic in the forum
  • FIX: Text input on “Serial Number” field in the Firearm Tracker now allows letters and numbers
  • FIX: Implemented the Back button functionality for all sections
  • ADD: Implemented the Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity Map builder