Episode 179: People Couldn’t Believe The Blood Was Real!

Today’s stories are a must-hear! A couple of critical bills just past through the House Judicial Committee and will be going up for a House vote in the next day or so, and one of them is a big mistake! 4 incredible JUSTIFIED stories will teach some really important lessons including the story of yet another pizza ivery driver that is attacked and is forced to defend himself in a gunfight. A photo of bright red blood on the ground was the result of a man who accidentally shot himself with his Taurus Judge, and because there was so much blood and it was so brightly colored, the photo “bre the Internet” as people were left skeptical that is was even a real photo to begin with. But Riley has the scoop on the true, real-life story that will blow your mind and really drives home how important tourniquets are where it comes to saving lives.

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