Coordinated Attack On Man at Gas Station Caught on Video

Although numbers vary, a conservative estimate is that video cameras capture the average person in America on video around 30-70 times a day. From a privacy standpoint, I’m not a fan of this, but that is a topic for another time. The proliferation of cameras means we see incidents we would not otherwise. Such is…

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2 Videos | When the Weapon is a Vehicle

I pulled two videos off the internet which are similar in the sense that they show someone using their vehicle as a weapon. There are many similar videos you could easily find, but I just included these two. I think these two videos have similarities, yet are different enough to illustrate the point from a…

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How Fast Should You Shoot In Self Defense?

riley bowman drills

When talking about using a gun in self-defense, sometimes the following question comes up; “how fast should I shoot if someone attacks me?” It’s a thoughtful question. I guess the simple answer is “as fast as necessary.” While that is true, it doesn’t really give us any metric or standard or concept of what it…

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What You Don’t See Can Kill You

Shooting through clothing

** We originally published this post August 29, 2017 ** I have wanted to address this topic for quite some time. I hope the accompanying video is a visual of the ever-present danger law enforcement officers (LEOs) face during every contact. But not just LEOs, but anyone targeted by an armed criminal. What happens in…

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S4E23: How to See and What to Look For

Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster discuss vision and the importance of purposeful vision and its relevance to top performance under stress. Should we be incorporating vision-related concepts into our training? Why is it important?

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