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Protecting loved ones or innocent people may be a reality in a defensive gun use. Training with your family on how to respond to different incidents is important.

Why Take Advanced Training

So you’ve gone to the store and bought a shiny new (or not shiny, depending on your tastes) handgun, did the responsible thing and to your concealed carry permit class, and you’re now good to go. Right? You can now carry your gun wherever you’re allowed to, based upon the state in which you live. […]

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S4E21 shooting while moving

S4E21: Tips for Shooting While Moving

Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster discuss shooting while moving. How to do it, how to practice it, etc. This concept was recently featured on the latest Shooter Ready Challenge. Check it out at and tune into today’s episode!

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shooter ready challenge october

Shooter Ready Challenge, December 2021

December 2021 Shooter Ready Challenge Merry Christmas From the Concealed Carry Team We’ve been publishing dry fire training and challenge videos since October 2019 to help the average gun carrier take their skills to the next level. This series of videos is called “Shooter Ready Challenge,” and it’s entirely free to watch and take advantage […]

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Ep 404 sq

Ep404: Shooting and Moving with Purpose

Today, Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster tackle the subject of shooting and moving. Sometimes the terminology “get off the X” is used when describing what defensive shooters should do. What does this mean? Is it really as simple as taking a sidestep on the draw, or is there to it than that?

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