Decibullz—Mold Custom Hearing Protection at Home

custom molded hearing protection

There are many hearing protection products on the market. I’ve tried just about everything out there, and I have always struggled to find something that works well for indoor ranges. I have used Howard Leight and Walker ear pro for many years. While both do a great job for most applications, I find that they…

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SoftSeal: Amazing Ear Pro Upgrade | REVIEW, 1 Year Update

ear pro upgrade

Electronic ear pro for shooting is my favorite choice. However, wearing a muff-style ear pro for several hours can become uncomfortable because the ear pads are not exceptionally soft. These replacement ear pads from ReadyUpGear are amazingly comfortable. So much so; I guarantee you won’t go back to standard ear pro once you try them.…

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REVIEW | AXIL Ghost 2.0 Electronic Hearing Protection w/Bluetooth

With all the different styles and options, it may be hard to select hearing protection. Plus, people have different preferences, and need hearing protection for different applications. Well, a company called AXIL has a new hearing protection product that might suit your needs. A quick overview of different hearing protection — Generally, hearing protection has…

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Episode 341: News & Gear Reviews – Noisefighters Ear Pro Upgrade

Today Riley and Jacob introduce a revised format for our “Industry News” episodes. Today we’ll talk about some new products coming to market, another NRA Board Director has resigned, AND we talk about a couple of products that really float our boat including something that VASTLY improves your already existing ear protection!

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