I’m Okay Giving up Some of That Freedom—Tulsa PD Chief

Wendell Franklin

July 4th is almost here, so pretty soon we will see Independence Day celebrations with fireworks, BBQs and parades in towns all across the country. On that day, the country celebrates our nations “birth” and the ratification of our founding document, the United States Constitution, declaring we would no longer be subjects of the British…

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S8E9: Firearms and Freedoms

Riley Bowman is joined by the whole crew including Jacob Paulsen and Matthew Maruster to discuss a new docuseries, “Firearms and Freedoms,” which is setting out to change the popular narrative surrounding firearms and American culture. We discuss these issues and how the docuseries can combat the problem.

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America’s 2nd Civil War Has Already Begun

second amendment case

According to an article by Thom Hartmann titled “Will America’s Billionaires Start a Second Civil War?” an out for how an oligarchy (a government controlled by a small number of people) can overthrow a democracy: “For oligarchy to totally take down democracy, only three things are initially needed: Control of (or substantial influence over) a…

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That Pesky Little Thing Called the Constitution

The Second Amendment — A Well Regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a Free State, the Right of the People to Keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. Here in America we have this thing called the Constitution. It’s a document that guarantees certain inalienable rights to the people. You may think…

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Why Anti-Gun Surveys Are False

sig sauer

First of all, I feel it prudent to say that I’ve never once received a phone call to participate in a gun or “gun violence” survey in my entire life. Also, I’ve worked for the gun industry for long enough to know a few people and none of them have ever participated in one, either.…

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