S8E6: Fostering Growth and Success Through Building Diverse 2A Communities

Riley Bowman sits down with three fellow members of “The Tribe,” which is a community of like-minded but diverse shooters and gun carriers. It is made up of all ages from 22 to 62, all sorts of races and ethnicities, varying socioeconomic backgrounds, and a variety of careers and employment types including farmers, welders, HVAC techs, cops, retail workers, etc.

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S6E10: Cultivating Community to Impact Student Performance with Christopher Bean

Riley Bowman brings onto the podcast for the first time Christopher Bean of Tactical Advantage to discuss something Chris is really passionate about–creating effective learning environments and fostering culture and community to massively impact student learning and performance. This is something that affects and can be applied by anyone in their respective circles of influence. But if you’re an instructor or teacher of any kind, then this DEFINITELY applies to you, and you won’t want to miss it!

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Episode 202: Carry Trainer’s Mickey Schuch – A Holistic Approach to Training

Today Riley interviews Mickey Schuch of Carry Trainer. Mickey is a respected firearms instructor that also obtains in excess of 160 hours of training for himself each year from quality training schools such as Massad Ayoob Group and others.

He is also the President of the McHenry County Right to Carry Association and is well acquainted with the fight for our rights.

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