Safety Strategies While Traveling

Traveling the world is a great way to experience different cultures and food. One thing I learned from my travels is that I have much in common with people in other areas/countries than differences. Unfortunately, one similarity is crime. No matter where I’ve gone, from the sleepy little town in Kentucky to the hot…

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Importance of Mental Conditioning and Reality Based Training

Physical conditioning and training is an important part of of maintaining a healthy body. In a similar way, we need to exercise the “muscle” between our ears and maintain mental fitness. Our ability to think, problem solve, and plan a response during a violent confrontation is equally, if not , impactful on the outcome of…

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Reality Check—Are You Prepared?

knife crime goes up in UK

When I was a kid, Fantasy Land used to be a theme park where you could run around all day, riding fun rides, and there was nothing to worry about. A Cause of Concern? Fast forward to my life today, and there’s much to worry about; inflation, work, violent activism, health, natural disaster, and political…

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