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Jack Wilson Drill – Could You Make the Shot?


Riley Bowman, Director of Training at, talks about and demonstrates the “Jack Wilson Drill” based on the heroic actions of Jack Wilson when he stopped the active killer at the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas. Riley talks about the importance of only getting one chance at this drill, shooting it cold, or without warmup of any kind. Also, Riley experiences some troubles on the draw when the jacket gets hung up on the grip of the gun. Watch to see how it is resolved!

Jack Wilson Drill

3″x5″ Target
15 yards (45 feet)
1 shot

Do it with your carry ammo, your EDC or duty gun, from your typical EDC holster and location!

Do you have the confidence and the KNOWLEDGE of your gun/ammo match, sight-in, and skill set?

Riley's original run (not cold) can be found here with a sizzling 1.34 second time:

Free downloadable and printable targets here:

Shot Timer used:

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