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Recoil anticipation drill

Things You Can Learn From Watching Yourself Train

One way that sports teams get better when they’re training for a championship game or something similar, is to pull out the old footage of the team playing and practicing. They then watch how they performed under pressure, how the team interacted with each other, and whatever skills and tactics were used by both the […]

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The different models that Talon Grips makes product for is so extensive that you will be hard pressed not to find the Pro Series for your gun.

Talon Grips New Pro-Series, Perfect For Your Everyday Carry Gun

Being able to shoot fast, accurate shots has application in both self-defense and competitive shooting. Your ability to quickly place follow-up shots where you want is influenced greatly in your ability to control the gun during the shooting cycle. For years shooters have known this, and so a host of products are available to help […]

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The media should be able to provide accurate facts about what they are reporting on.

Gun News From Around This Crazy Country

We live in crazy times, fur sure. Tensions across the entire United States seem to be higher than they’ve ever been in recent times. During this time, seemingly even loing at someone the wrong way can get you into some trouble, especially in this YouTube generation. The way things are headed, extreme care must be […]

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429 Property

Episode 429: Protecting You & Your Property

Today, Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster discuss the recent events in St. Louis, Missouri where a couple stood outside their home armed with pistol and rifle to apparently protect themselves and their home from a mob of people that stormed their private community in an attempt to reach and protest outside the mayor’s home. There […]

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HBA 2020Header light

Happy Birthday Sale 2020

Happy Birthday, America. Yes, it’s that time again. And with the celebration of the birth of the world’s greatest nation comes the Happy Birthday America Sale that our Guardian Nation members have come to expect each year. Just as with year’s past, the HBA sale is only open to Guardian Nation members, and offers some […]

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