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Handheld VS Weapon Mounted Lights Which 1 is Better?

Should you carry a handheld light (HHL) or weapon-mounted light (WML)? The answer is surprisingly simple-get both. Each light has a place and purpose. Using one type of light when the other is appropriate can be very dangerous. If you want to continue reading, I’m happy to explain the justification behind my recommendation. Basic Requirements […]

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complete home defense

Should You Search Your House For The Bad Guy?

Our homes provide us and our families with a security that we otherwise would not have. But even the best home security measures are not effective 100% of the time. There are lots of talks about which guns are best for home defense. And not diminishing the importance of those topics, how you respond is […]

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The Rules

Safety 3rd-and the Second Firearm Safety Rule

I like Mike Rowe. You know, the guy from the television show Dirty Jobs and numerous charities and organizations. He publishes many of his responses to various questions asked by anyone who takes the time to ask. It is hard to argue with his logic in most of his posts. Fresh Lo at the 4 […]

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Missouri SAPA 2a law

SAPA-Second Amendment Protection Act Wins 1st Legal Test

Missouri House Bills 85 and 310, known as the Second Amendment Protection Act (SAPA), passed out of legislature on May 15, 2021. The Governor signed the final bill on June 12, 2021. The law is an important step and response to a Federal Government overtly hostile to the Second Amendment. Watching SAPA Law Challenges: While […]

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