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Myth Busted: Revolvers Don’t Fail

I’m sure I’m about to ruffle some feathers on this one, and that’s ay because what I’m about to say is true and that’s all that really matters. There are tons of myths floating around from folks and I’d like to put one of them to rest today. The myth in question, is that revolvers […]

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If Remington Can Get Sued, So Can McDonald’s

I now have every intention of suing McDonald’s, Burger King, and my spoon manufacturer for marketing me into obesity. How dare their marketing professionals make their food lo so appealing and icious that I might want to actually eat it. Seriously, I’m getting McDonald’s for lunch today, and their commercials with near-perfect loing food is […]

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Episode 301: Gun Industry Political Contributions Went Where?

Today Riley and Matthew cover the latest stories from around the USA in the firearms and concealed carry communities. Today is our Industry News Edition and we’re talking about a study that supposedly shows mass shootings are linked to lax gun control laws. We also talk about and where some of your favorite gun […]

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Dick's Sporting Goods AR-15

Dick’s Pulls Guns Off More Shelves

In a-not-so-surprising move, Dick’s is pulling all guns off the shelves of 125 stores. Starting in August, 2019, the sports store will begin taking guns off the shelves of those stores. It’s estimated that Dick’s has somewhere between 700 and 850 stores (I’m getting ed numbers in my research), so this seems as if it’s […]

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SHOP Talk: Traveling Interstate With Your Gun

Our SHOP Talk episodes are ever increasing in popularity as Riley Bowman goes live from our headquarters in Denver, Colorado and shows everyone some cool things that we’ve got going on, some sort of training, or whatever else he thinks is worth talking about. None of us ever know, it is totally unscripted, and that’s […]

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Smith & Wesson Issues M&P15-22 Consumer Safety Alert

Smith & Wesson issued what they’re calling a consumer safety alert for all M&P15-22 rifles and pistols manufactured before February 1, 2019. At this time, if you own one of the affected rifles manufactured before that date, please stop use and have it inspected. Smith & Wesson found two M&P15-22 firearms where the breech face […]

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