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427 reloads

Episode 427: Reloading a Pistol

Today, Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster discuss this month’s Shooter Ready Challenge which involves reloads. They may not be very common in a civilian setting for defensive pistolcraft, but they’re still good to know and to practice. We’ll talk about tips and techniques, but don’t forget to participate in for a chance to win free access to […]

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Washington DC Sues Polymer 80

Those dreaded “ghost guns” are back in the news again as the Attorney General from Washington DC sues 80% gun maker Polymer 80. Attorney General Karl Racine brought a lawsuit to Polymer 80 saying that they’ve been selling illegal guns in the district, and that those guns were used to commit crimes hundreds of different […]

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Episode 426

Episode 426: Performance at the Highest Level – B.J. Norris

Today, Riley Bowman interviews world champion shooter B.J. Norris (while on his lunch break) on what it takes to perform at our best…especially in stressful situations. B.J. has been competing since his youth and has numerous National and World titles to his name. He is also an avid practitioner of the defensive handgun.

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Episode 425

Episode 425: When is the Supreme Court Going to Act?

Today. Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster bring you our monthly legislative news update. Not a ton of content in today’s as far as quantity, but there are several very important things to discuss including how the Supreme Court continues to refuse critical cases with huge implications for the Second Amendment.

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Top 5 YouTube Gun Channels I’m Watching Right Now

If you’re anything like me, chances are good that you’re on YouTube a lot. I HATE YouTube, don’t get me wrong. Let me re-word that so you understand me, I despise YouTube because they are unfair in their algorithms toward gun content creators. I’ve experienced this firsthand. Yet, there are some channels on that platform […]

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Rhode Island Governor Signs Ghost Gun Bill Into Law

Providence, Rhode Island — The governor of Rhode Island signed a bill into law on Tuesday morning effectively banning “untraceable ghost guns” in her state as anti-gun organizations cheered. Governor Raimondo is quoted to say: Today marks a meaningful step forward in our fight to end gun violence in Rhode Island. We know that untraceable […]

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