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McCloskey Couple Indicted On Firearm Charges

The McCloskey name was one uttered by the lips of many on both sides of the gun debate starting in late June when the couple exited their home with their firearms after an angry mob of hundreds bre down the gate to their community. The state of Missouri is a stand your ground state, and […]

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Rob Pincus

Concealed Carry Podcast Network Shows

What started out as just a couple of guys who wanted to talk about concealed carry, self-defense, and guns has actually morphed into something else entirely. And, what started out as one show, the Concealed Carry Podcast, has grown into a network of several other podcast shows, with countless listeners across many different platforms each […]

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Hollow points gun

Why Hollow Points Are The Only Option For Self-Defense

Every so often we come across opinions on the wonderful World Wide Web that makes me scratch my head a bit. One of those things is when I read about people saying “this is why I don’t use hollow points.” A lot of the time these come from less-experienced gun owners who just […]

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