Survive Anything

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The Most Comprehensive (Non-Classified) Guide

to Personal Security and Emergency Preparedness Ever Written

What this book will teach you

When we said this is the most complete book ever written on the subject we meant it. There are ideas, insights & techniques for survival that would blow the mind of your neighborhood cop. This is for those who want to be prepared for and Survive ANYTHING

  • The techniques the professionals use to pick locks and handcuffs in a matter of a few seconds using tools you already have around the house
  • How to hotwire a car, lose a tail, avoid being carjacked, and escape a car going under the water
  • How to survive terrorist attacks, fires, and crashes on an airplane. Top security tips and action plans for hotels, taxis, buses, restaurants, sports stadiums, boats, and elevators
  • Keep hackers (and the NSA) from listening to your conversations while getting the top tricks to recording your conversations and phone calls to protect your own skin
  • How to turn your home into a fortress with security cameras, pick-proof locks, hidden safes, panic rooms, emergency food and water storage and anything else needed to bunker down or escape
  • Plus complete chapters on First Aid, Holiday Specific security procedures, Firearm Safety, Modern Survival for Children, Outdoor Survival, Survival Kits and Caches, Ham radio licensing and the top tricks for getting out when SHTF

3 reviews for Survive Anything

  1. Karan Sheets (verified owner)

    This is a great book, full of useful information. It is well-presented and easy to understand, covering a wide range of topics which people rarely consider about their personal safety. When I took a threat management class, the most helpful thing I learned was to increase situational awareness, keep your head on a swivel, carefully observing what is around you. That and keeping an intensely bright small flash light on me to shine inside my car to make sure no one was in there before entering was very helpful, not to mention being able to shine it in a possible attacker’s eyes. As an EMT who works in mountain rescue, I cannot stress enough the section on camping and hiking, all very useful things to think about. You never think you are going to have a problem until you have a problem. If only people would carry the bright flashlights when in the mountains, you could signal helicopters and rescuers to your location. That and water, lots of water. If you have a fall with bad scrapes, you will easily use one or two bottles just to irrigate the wounds. And learn properly how to deal with snakes. And best to carry a hatchet or a branch saw in case you have to build a fire for warmth. We rescue the most hypothermic patients not when it is freezing, but when it is 50 degrees and raining. So, this book is great for provoking thoughts about safety in all sorts of situations which is always a good thing. Thanks, Jacob, for writing such a clear presentation of things to consider Everyone should read it.

  2. Ryan Duessler (verified owner)

    I loved the book. Very well laid out and easy to follow. I am a big fan of this site and especially the podcast. In a world that is constantly on the brink of danger, any additional training and information one can get is vital. I thank you all for putting this book and site together and keeping those of us who are concerned about our current state of affairs safe and educated.

  3. Kurt Kallmeyer (verified owner)

    This is a Great book!! Very informative, and covers many different topics. A must read for everyone, thinking about the future.

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