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How To Stay Safe On Halloween

Halloween has always been a day that is surrounded by an air of death and fright, but we as a society know that these grisly images and macabre masks are for fun. In reality, we still wish to avoid the mortal dangers of the world regardless of how in-depth we go with our festivities.

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Active Shooter Medicine: Are Tourniquets as Important as Everyone Thinks?

  The well-documented use of tourniquets on the battlefields of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) has saved countless lives, and their use has increased in popularity in recent years especially within the firearm and first responder communities. Anyone who has the foresight to put together a medical bag for any reason […]

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Lessons from a Carjacking Caught on Video

Here are some sobering statistics about carjackings in the United States. Each year there are: approximately 38,000 reported carjackings 75% of the time criminals use a firearm These numbers, coupled with the fact that sitting in a vehicle places you at a tactical disadvantage, mean we are particularly vulnerable while in our vehicles. And in […]

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Carjacking Shooting

Can You Shoot a Carjacker?

You likely hear stories very often of citizens, under life-threatening circumstances, putting their lives on the to defend themselves or others from criminals who mean them harm. But are there times when defending yourself may cause harm than good?

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