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How To Order Your Lexington
or Other KSG Holster

How To Order Your Lexington or Other KSG Holster

We really want you to get the most out of your new holster.

We have prepared this video to guide you through the various options you will need to choose from when you order your holster.

It's a bit long but PLEASE, I'm begging you, watch this before you place your holster order.

One of those most fantastic things about The Lexington is its customization and versatility but that can work to your disadvantage if you don't configure it to your specific needs.

You can also find this video on the Lexington product page.

Choosing Your Holster

Choosing Your Holster

pick firearm

We have been making a big deal out of the Lexington because it is Brand New and the perfect holster for most people but your voucher will work on any KSG Armory Holster for sale on this website. Below are all the options so feel free to click through and check each of them out.

As you do so, click on the Firearm selector dropdown box to see if each of these is available for your gun(s).

Question: How do I determine if any of these holsters fits my gun (specific generation), specifically with a light, laser, or other custom work.

Answer: Click on the holster above and then click on the dropdown menu in the product selection area to see the gun choices.

Question: What if I customize the holster to a dollar amount above the $100 voucher value?

Answer: At checkout you will need to pay the difference.

Question: Will the voucher cover shipping?

Answer: If your holster, with your customizations, is $95 or less then the voucher will cover the $5 shipping. In other words, the voucher will cover up to $100 which can include shipping.