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How To Increase Your Shooting Skills Without Buying Expensive Ammo While Ensuring Absolute Safety

Tired of looking for but not finding any ammunition?

Sick of the crazy high ammo prices? 

Looking to increase the fun in your firearm training?

The Solution To The Current Ammo Shortage: Dry Fire. This Special Kit includes the simple tools you need to conduct EFFECTIVE and SAFE dry fire practice in your home!

The total value of this product bundle is $92.97

Today You Can Order Your Dry Fire Kit In Your Caliber of Choice For Only $74.99

Currently available in .380 | 9mm | .40 | .45

Dry Fire Practice is a critical element of any shooter's efforts to improve skill and prepare for a life-threatening encounter or competitive shooting match.

To help any shooter progress on that journey without breaking the bank we have prepared this kit of the CORE dry fire essentials that will get you started.

The Kit Includes:

  • BarrelBlok™ (Caliber Specific)
  • A Laser Training Cartridge Insert (caliber specific)
  • Dry Fire Primer by Annette Evans
  • LASRx 1 Month Subscription
dry fire kit


barrelblok dry fire tool

BarrelBlok™ is a tool to facilitate BETTER and SAFER dry fire practice. It includes 2 components. First, the BarrelBlok itself which is inserted through the ejection port into the chamber. It renders the gun inert and incapable of firing while also extending through the end of the barrel to clearly communicate to the shooter and others nearby that the gun is cleared and safe.

In addition, BarrelBlok is shipped with 3 Mag Bloks which are inserted into your magazine the same way you would load live ammo and prevent slide lock so as to allow the shooter to train reloads and malfunction clearing without the training scar of having to release the slide forward as one would normally have to do in dry fire.

The BarrelBlok is the industry's standard for safe dry fire, requires no disassembly or tools, works with ANY firearm and allows the firearm to be holstered and fully manipulated.

BarrelBlok retails for $12.99 plus shipping and right now on Amazon they are $16.99. You can learn more here.

LaserDot Trainer Ammo Insert


The LaserDot Trainer from Ready Up Gear is similar to other competing products you have seen in the marketplace but built to ensure the highest quality.

Just insert (caliber specific) into your firearm's chamber and each time you press the trigger and the firing pin comes forward the insert will project a red laser dot onto the target. This elevates dry fire practice by giving you feedback (your accuracy and point of impact) so you can truly measure how you are doing.

The batteries last a long time and it couldn't be easier to use. Just drop into the chamber and press the trigger. Red dot will flash. Reset and go again. Repeat as needed 🙂

The LaserDot Trainer Ammo Cartridges retail at $59.99.

Dry Fire Primer by Annette Evans


This book is a must-read for any shooter who wants to use dry fire tools and strategies to up their shooting game.

On the surface, dry fire seems fairly simple and straightforward but this book will help you do the right things in the right way to ensure maximum impact during your dry fire sessions.

The book includes an overview and a great number of tips and strategies to maximize your return on investment in dry fire.

This book normally retails for $9.99

LASRx 1 Month Subscription


Few tools are as valuable in Dry Fire as LASRx. This web-based software program can be used from any internet-connected device including your phone, tablet, or computer. Just launch the program and your phone will turn into a training companion and coach.

The camera on your device or computer will "see" the red dots from your laser trainer (included in this kit) and will record your hits and misses. You can run specific drills, measure your shot times, draw times, and reload times.

Compete with friends, save your data, and see how you stack up against other shooters in the LASR Community.

LASRx retails for $9 a month

The total value of this product bundle is $92.97

Today You Can Order Your Dry Fire Kit In Your Caliber of Choice For Only $74.99

Currently available in .380 | 9mm | .40 | .45


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