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Qualify to Carry Concealed in 28 States Without Leaving Your Living Room


Legal “Loophole” Allows You To Take An ONLINE ONLY Course And Get a Valid Permit to Carry A Concealed Weapon in 28 States


Despite the best efforts of the Gun Control lobby there is still a way you can take an online only course and get qualified to carry a concealed firearm in 28 States!!!

  • Have you been wanting to get your permit but can't seem to find 2 whole days on your calendar?
  • Are concealed carry courses in your area overly complicated and expensive?
  • Are you hesitant to let a local “expert” try to teach you how to hold your gun?

If You Said YES to Any of These Questions I Have a Solution That Will Turn This Around

If you live in any of the blue states you can get a permit from our ONLINE class that is honored in your state

 Virginia Reciprocity Map CCW

I've been teaching in person concealed carry classes for years all across the USA and the most common thing I hear from students is how they have been meaning to get their permit but it was either too expensive or too time consuming. The truth is that we need to get more people armed and prepared to defend the threats that face us everyday. The old model of asking you to spend all day with me at the range just isn't working anymore.

183057_2492That is when I decided there had to be a better way. I researched the gun laws in each of the 50 states to search for a loophole in the law that will help me get the proper training and permits into the MAXIMUM number of hands as possible. That is when I discovered the secret. There is a way I can give you the training required over the internet and you can get legally licensed to carry a concealed weapon in 28 states.

You see by taking this online course and watching some videos you will not only be able to get your concealed carry permit but you will also be prepared to carry a gun and be prepared to use it against the threats that surround us.  This new online only course will skip the drama and give you the critical insights you need to be safe and legal as you strive to protect yourself and your loved ones. Here are some of the benefits:

  • You will get 100% of the required instruction right here on your computer via video
  • The instruction will come from me, a certified NRA instructor who has taught this class to thousands of people in person
  • You will NEVER have to go to a range and fire your weapon
  • You will learn critical firearm handling and concealed carry basics like:
    • Handguns & Ammunition Basics like the differences between revolvers and semi-automatic handguns
    • The anatomy of a bullets and round as well as the difference between full metal jackets & hollow points
    • The basics of reloading your own ammunition
    • Considerations in selecting a weapon to purchase and carry concealed
    • Safety Fundamentals and the Primary Safety Rules
    • How to Properly inspect a weapon to make sure it is unloaded
    • Children and Firearm Safety
    • Proper Safety Gear & Firearm Storage
    • Dealing with Public Gun Ranges & Stores
    • Basic Handling including proper firearm Grip & Stances
    • Recognizing and clearing common malfunctions
    • Concealed Carry fundamentals & holsters
    • Concealed Carry Apparel & Lifestyle
    • Understanding Private Property Rights and Gun Free Zones
    • Traveling – State Laws / Airplanes
    • Firearm and CCW Reciprocity
    • Dealing with Traffic Stops & Other Confrontations with Law Enforcement
    • How to maximize ongoing training & practice
    • How Often Should You Train?
    • How to train using lower caliber or laser training weapons
    • Tips for Range Training for Self Defense
    • How to master a defensive mindset
    • Home Defense Fundamentals
    • How Gun Laws are Passed
    • How Court Precedents dictate the way the law is interpreted
    • Open Carry Legal Overview
    • Federal Property Restrictions
    • Citizen’s Arrest Overview
    • Shooting Aftermath
    • Legal & Civil Liability
    • Buying & Selling Firearms, Ammunition, & Accessories
    • Organizations & Resources


Plus, this course will qualify you to apply for your concealed carry permit from the state of Virginia which happens to currently allow ANY US citizen from ANY state to apply for an receive their permit by just taking this ONLINE ONLY class.


Here is what some of our students are saying:

Student from Texas:

“In order to get my Texas concealed carry permit I would have to attend an 11 hour in person course that will require that the instructor hold my hand and teach me how to shoot. By taking this online class I got a permit that allows me to carry in my home state of Texas and 27 other states without having to waste a Saturday on a range with an instructor teaching me how to hold my gun.”


Student from California:

“I have almost no hope of getting a permit from my own state so by taking this course I was able to get a concealed carry permit that doesn’t help me in my home state, but at least I can carry my weapon concealed in 28 other US states I often travel to.”


Are you wondering what the 28 states are? Here is the map and this permit qualifies you to carry in all the BLUE states. If you live in a Blue state then You can get your Virginia Permit with this online course and it will be honored in Your State!


Virginia Reciprocity Map CCW




Q: Is This Class All That Is Required to Get the Permit?

A: Yes. After taking this ONLINE course you will qualify to apply for your permit. Nothing more is required in order to apply.


Q: Is There A Test?

A: After each class section there are some multiple choice questions you must answer that ensure student comprehension. They are not difficult and the answers are in the course material.


Q: What do I Have to Send In Why I Apply?

A: You will need to include the class completion certificate that we will provide as well as the Virginia State application along with a completed fingerprint card and passport quality photographs. Don't worry we will walk you through all of this.


Q: When Will I Get My Permit?

A: After completing the course material and mailing in your application permit you will have to wait the required period of time for Virginia to run a background check and issue your permit.


Q: What Would Disqualify me From Obtaining the Permit?

A: Its a relatively standard back ground check. Click here to read the full list of potential disqualifications:



Your average CCW Course in Person costs about $100

Our Online Course?

ONLY $39

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