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How To Practice and Properly Learn To Clear The Absolute Worst Type of Handgun Malfunction

As a defensive-minded shooter, you are probably familiar with common types of handgun malfunctions. You are familiar with bad rounds and stovepipes and have probably received instruction on how to clear those common types of malfunctions.

TAP - RACK ... Right?

failure to fire

As an industry, these types of malfunctions are mostly called Type 1 and Type 2 failures, and both are fully resolved by the famous Tap-Rack you see here.

A solid tap ensures the magazine is fully seated and racking the slide cycles the chamber and loads a fresh round.

Problem solved!

Unfortunately, As You Probably Know, The Tap - Rack FAILS In Clearing The Type 3 Malfunction or "Double Feed"

A type 3 failure is caused when the extractor fails to extract the empty shell casing from the previously fired shot. When the next round is fed into the chamber, it runs into the back of the unextracted shell casing, and just like that your gun is dead in the water.

There Are 2 Reasons Defensive Shooters HATE Type 3 Failures

FIRST: Clearing a Double Feed Is Much More Arduous Than Just A Simple "Tap - Rack"

To clear a type 3 failure, you must strip the magazine (it generally won't just fall free on its own) and then proceed to fully clear the chamber by racking the slide repeatedly. Most instructors recommend 3 full cycles of the slide. 

Then reload the firearm either with the partial magazine you stripped out or a fresh magazine should you have one. 

Then rack the slide to chamber a fresh round and you are back in business. 

Again, I am assuming if you are reading this you probably already know HOW to clear the type 3 malfunction and because it is time-consuming AND requires performing several tasks there is a LOT more room for error. This is why we often call the type 3 malfunction the ultimate gun stopper in a gunfight.

SECOND: Training yourself to respond to a type 3 failure is difficult to impossible.

dummy rounds

To practice Type 1 and Type 2 malfunction clearing is simple.

Just load one or more "dummy rounds" into your magazine along with the live ammo. When the dummy loads into the chamber you will get a click instead of a bang and you can proceed to perform your tap - rack to clear it. The tap - rack will clear the dummy and you can finish your series of fire.

Unfortunately, There Is No Similar Method For Staging A Type 3 Failure During Live Fire UNTIL NOW

As instructors, this has always been a dilemma until this genius man in Idaho came up with a solution. Here is a video explaining how as instructors we used to setup type 3 malfunctions and how his clever invention has changed that forever!

The Type 3 Malfunction Round is the ONLY product on the market that allows you to train type 3 malfunctions properly. The ONLY product that:

  • Can be loaded into the magazine along with live ammunition AND
  • Will create the same physical sensation as an actual type 3 malfunction so the shooter can learn to recognize what it feels like AND
  • Will not cause any damage to the firearm whatsoever AND 
  • Can be used to train type 3 malfunctions in both live and dry fire.

5 Pack of Type 3 Malfunction Rounds Now Only $19.95

Guaranteed To Be The Absolute Lowest Cost Anywhere Online

Concealed Carry Inc is an Authorized Dealer of the Type3MalfunctionRound®

The "Mother of All Malfunctions" Is the Ultimate Gunfight Stopper. Train to RECOGNIZE and CLEAR it from your firearm!

From the desk of Jacob Paulsen - President |

Your future self-defense incident won't happen in ideal circumstances. The real world is unpredictable.

Just a few months ago from this writing, a police officer was shot in my home town of Arvada, Colorado when he attempted to intervene in a crime but when he exchanged gunfire with the criminal his handgun malfunctioned and he was shot twice.

I don't know if the officer attempted to clear the malfunction or that it would have made the difference in this instance or not. What I do know is that Murphy's law is true.

Being fully prepared to win the fight means being able to QUICKLY recognize a malfunction to your firearm and then being able to clear it without even thinking about how it is done.

That kind of reaction or muscle memory as some call it, comes only through repetitive training and I'm grateful to the Type 3 Malfunction Round which has finally given us an effective way to get QUALITY, REPEAT practice in clearing type 3 malfunctions!

A pack of 5 of them costs less than $20. It is an absolute no brainer for any self-defense minded shooter.

Jacob Paulsen
President |

5 Pack of Type 3 Malfunction Rounds Now Only $19.95

Guaranteed To Be The Absolute Lowest Cost Anywhere Online

Concealed Carry Inc is an Authorized Dealer of the Type3MalfunctionRound®


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