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How The Experts Get Virtually Unlimited Firearm Training Without Any Ammo Costs

Leading Competitive and Defensive Shooters Reveal The Biggest Methods To Avoid High Ammo Costs and Drive Better Shooting Skills and Tactics

riley bowman

Riley Bowman is the Creator and host of The Concealed Carry Podcast. Riley is an accomplished firearms shooter and instructor. With a background in law enforcement and security, Riley enjoys sharing his knowledge and expertise when it comes to firearms safety, self-defense and concealed carry. Riley is an NRA Pistol Instructor and is also a Colorado P.O.S.T. Certified Law Enforcement Handgun and Patrol Rifle Instructor, USCCA Training Councilor, as well as a certified Glock & Sig Sauer Armorer. Riley successfully won his division of the Rocky Mountain Regional Championship of The American Marksman competition and was a finalist at the National Championship. Today Riley competes with the top shooters in the country in USPSA.

From: Riley Bowman

Re: The biggest and now best-known secret in both defensive and competitive shooting circles...

Dear Friend,

Over the last decade or more we have seen several political and criminal events that have effectively decimated ammunition supplies.

Each time it happens it becomes nearly impossible for anyone who cares about building or maintaining shooting skills to do so.

Have you ever wondered how the top-performing shooters in the world build their skills during or outside of these ammo shortages?

If you think it is because their sponsors send them unlimited ammunition supplies you are wrong.

Their insider secret has become common knowledge in the last few years and I'm here to share it with the masses.

The Big "Non-Secret" Of The Firearm Training Industry And Why Even Those Who Know The Secret Don't Act On It

LaserDot Ammo Dry Fire

The key to building shooting skills without paying for ammo is what is commonly referred to as "dry fire" and it effectively means practicing the manipulation of the firearm without live ammunition.

Almost every shooting skill can be trained to some degree in dry fire and frankly, some shooting skills and tactics can be trained in dry fire that are almost impossible to practice with live ammunition.

Have you ever been to a gun range that will let you clear rooms, go up and down stairs, answer a door, work on team tactics, and barricade in a safe room? Probably not. These kinds of things are exactly the types of tactics and skills you can practice in the comfort of your own home that you can't on the range with live ammunition.

If Dry Fire Is The Obvious Answer to Ammo Shortages and Building Shooting Skills Why Doesn't Everyone Do It?

It turns out there are 3 common reasons why gun owners (those serious enough about shooting to take our survey) don't actually conduct regular dry fire.

Perhaps you can relate with one or more of these...

dry fire survey results

Each of these are legitimate concerns about conducting Dry Fire but there is a simple solution to all 3 of these that will set you up for success and unlock your shooting potential.

Introducing the "LaserDot Trainer" from

Ready Up Gear.

Ensures more realistic training by providing VISUAL FEEDBACK during dry fire

Ensures safety by rendering the firearm inert and incapable of chambering or firing a live round

Unlike many simulators and expensive dedicated training tools the LaserDot sells for under $60.

RUG LaserDot Ammo

The Cost Savings Alone Are Wild - Save Thousands of Dollars

Take 9mm for instance. Even at the best of times, you would be getting a bargain at $0.15 per round. And as we've all seen, at the worst of times we've seen sustained shortages that drive the price up as high as $0.80 per round.

The LaserDot sells for $59.95 and a single set of batteries will give you 3000 trigger presses. That works out to about $0.02 per "round" just on your first set of batteries.

So at the best of times that is 93% less expensive per trigger pull and at the worst of times more than 99% less expensive.


Plus consider the convenience factor. A lot of shooters don't build the skills they need not ONLY because of the cost of ammo but also because of the time and inconvenience of going to a gun range and renting a bay. Then of course you have the cost of targets and the time and materials to clean and lubricate the gun afterwards.

With LaserDot you can enjoy Dry Fire practice in your own home without any real setup or time lost.

Here is a short video clip I recently recorded to demonstrate the LaserDot Trainer:

LaserDot Features and Benefits Include:

Visible Indoor & Outdoor with a bright 3A laser (630 - 670nm). Visible up to 100 meters in low light

Compatible With Other Training Systems: Works with MantisX, LASR App, LaserLyte, iTarget, G-Sight, LaserHit, and other visible laser targets/simulators

Dual o-rings ensure a snug, centering of the laser cartridge and thus reliable feedback

The built-in “snap cap” will protect your firing pin when dry firing with the rubber insert

Runs on 3 LR626 batteries, providing up to 3000 “shots” before you have to change batteries. (Batteries Included)

Now I'm not saying the LaserDot Trainer is the end all be all of dry fire. If you had an unlimited budget there are other tools that I also think could augment your training. However, regardless of budget the LaserDot is an essential part of any Dry Fire Toolbox.

Different from some dedicated training guns on the market with the LaserDot installed you get safe dry fire practice with accuracy-related feedback while practicing with YOUR gun, YOUR trigger, YOUR sights, YOUR grip, and YOUR holster. Nothing could be more realistic than training with your actual gun.

Trust me, I have thousands of dollars worth of "dry fire" training gear including dedicated training guns, software, cameras, etc but on a regular basis, I reach for and use my LaserDot.

Compatible With All Existing Laser Training Systems & Software

The LaserDot has a highly visible bright red class 3A laser which ensures it is bright both indoor and out. This ensures maximum compatibility with popular laser training software and other dry fire training tools including the following:

download (1)

Plus Reduce Risk of Dry Fire Damage

And bear in mind LaserDot eliminates the risk of damage that otherwise is present when you dry fire a gun. Firing your gun with an empty chamber repeatedly thousands of times will eventually damage your firing pin. I know many serious shooters who have burned through a number of firing pins working on their skills.

The LaserDot provides a solid surface for the firing pin to strike, eliminating the concern for damage all together.

Glock firing pin

Added Bonus!

LaserDot_Raw Footage-low

Added Bonus! When You Buy Any Caliber of the LaserDot Trainer you will receive a no-cost 1-month subscription to LASRx! LASRx is a fantastic software program that you can run on any internet-connected device including your cell phone and will “detect” each shot of the red laser providing you with accuracy-related information and shot times. Normally $120, enjoy a free month at no cost when you purchase your LaserDot today!


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