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The Shooter Ready Challenge is a fun but educational monthly dry fire exercise for shooters of all skill levels. 

How Can You Participate?

Step 1: Tune in below and watch the latest challenge video

Step 2: Follow along with the training session in your own home. Practice the micro-drills to increase your shooting skills

Step 3: Fill out the email subscription form at the bottom of this page.

That's It! Each month we will draw a single winner at random from all those who actively receive the Shooter Ready Challenge emails. The winner will receive a prize from one of our sponsors!

For your chance to be entered into the monthly Shooter Ready Challenge Prize Drawing AND to be notified via email when the monthly video is available, fill out the below form.

*Note, by submitting your information in this form you agree to receive ongoing emails from Concealed Carry Inc and sponsors of The Shooter Ready Challenge

For sponsoring the Shooter Ready Challenge and providing the monthly prizes, a special thank you to: