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An Important Update to "Legal Boundaries By State"

Update / Version History

Below are the various editions that have been released of this book since its original launch, with the most recent first.

  • February 2023 (current)
  • October 2022
  • May 2022 
  • January 2022
  • August 2021 
  • January 2021
  • August 2020
  • January 2020
  • October 2019
  • September 2019
  • May 2019
  • January 2019 (e-Book Only)

Looking for a comprehensive guide to gun laws in the US? Look no further. This simple to navigate book has everything you need to legally navigate the country with your firearms.

"Almost daily, gun owners throughout the country write us and ask about the gun laws of their states. Your guide has provided an indispensable resource for answering their questions."

-- Michael Hammond, Legislative Counsel, Gun Owners of America

michael hammond GOA

Book Features:

A simple summary for each state and DC which includes:

  • Open Carry Laws
  • If the state has a Duty to Notify Law Enforcement
  • Laws relating to State and National Parks
  • Laws relating to possession in establishments that serve alcohol
  • Laws relating to the possession of firearms at K-12 schools & Colleges
  • State magazine capacity limitations if any
  • State laws that limit lawful possession and use of suppressors if any
  • How one can legally possess a firearm in the vehicle in a state where the gun owner has no recognized permit(s)
  • State firearm law uniformity and preemption laws
  • Laws relating to firearms in Hotels
  • What department or agency in the state issues concealed carry permits
  • If the state issues concealed carry permits to non-residents
  • Current permit reciprocity
Sample Page
Sample Page

"As an attorney who has built a practice around Self-Defense law; I often have to remind clients that gun law, generally speaking, is nothing like self-defense law. Unlike self-defense law, gun law varies enormously from state to state and while many gun owners will never be involved in a lethal self-defense incident; most are impacted daily by gun laws. The Legal Boundaries by State book is an impressive reference guide for relevant gun laws for today's traveling gun owners. It is well organized and easy to understand. Further, customers get ongoing no-cost access to the most updated version of the eBook which is a significant value. Don't leave home without it!"

-- Andrew Branca, Attorney & Author, Law of Self Defense


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"As a professional firearm safety and defense instructor, I travel across state lines quite often, sometimes I fly, sometimes I drive. Traveling with firearms can be tricky as each state, and in some cases, each county can have a different set of rules governing firearms, knives, or any defensive tool. The “Legal Boundaries by State” book and digital file by is my first “goto" resource when seeing what can and can not be done in the states I am traveling through and traveling to. As laws and reciprocity agreements change with the wind we as responsible gun owners and family first responders must arm ourselves with the correct knowledge so that we don’t accidentally break the law. I know the folks at take great care to keep this resource as up-to-date as possible so good people don’t inadvertently break a law in a state that they visit or travel through. Breaking what may seem to be a silly law while traveling could mean the loss of your 2A Rights forever. You can’t protect your family from a jail cell. This is the only such resource that I offer on the Trigger Pressers Union website. I used it, so should you."

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What Sources Do You Use For the Book?

A: Sources include industry-standard publications and websites, statements and opinions issued by Attorney Generals or State Police, statute, and case law. ALL INFORMATION is confirmed by a minimum of two credible sources.

Q: How Often Is the Book Updated?

A: We update the book a minimum of twice a year and sometimes more often depending on the number of law changes and their severity.

Q: How Do I Know What Version of the Book I Have?

A: On the bottom left of page 1 of your book it will reflect the month and year of the update you have in hand. If it is more than 6 months ago you probably have an outdated copy of the book but you can always contact us to confirm what version is currently in production and shipping.

Q: Is There A Changelog or List of Changes Since the Last Version?

A: We do not publish a changelog for the book.

Q: Can You Clarify How Customers Can Get Permanent FREE Access to New Versions Of The Book?

A: If you purchase or have every purchased the eBook (including if you have purchased the combo eBook with Physical Book) you are entitled to permenent access to the most updated copy of the eBook. To access it, login to your user account at and click on "My Downloads." You can also find the download link in your original email receipt.


Rob Beckman

Host of the
Firearm Trainers Podcast

NRA & USCCA Training Counselor

"I’m a computer guy and like to use my computer or smartphone to look up information but the one thing I really like in this book is the ability to find the information on a single state but also being able to see all the states in a table. That’s really handy and something no one does on their website. Plus if I don’t have wifi access I have a book to look through which you really get an appreciation of the various gun laws across the US when you can read and see them in a book."