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Stop Headaches, Keep Your Hands Free, and Never Drop Your Ear Muffs Again

Jacob Paulsen
President |

Sometimes it is the Simple and Little things that make the biggest difference.

Frankly, it feels almost silly to spend time writing this letter for our website about such a trivial thing.

That said, one of the more annoying things for me about being on the gun range for an extended period of time is dealing with my ear muffs.

No matter how comfortable your ear muffs are, you are going to have the occasional need to remove them from your ears just to allow some airflow.

And most shooters I talk to admit that the constant pressure of the muffs on the head will eventually give one a headache as well.

When you don't have them on your ears, what do you do with them?

Well, you probably either put them above your ears on your head or wrap them around a leg. Here are a few examples from some friends of mine:

passive hearing protection

The Mickey Mouse Move

ear muffs storage

My friend on the right with his ears around his leg

electronic hearing protection

A whole class of Mickey Mouse Moves

I know it is a little thing, but frankly doing the Mickey Mouse Move or strapping your muffs around your leg almost always leads to them landing in the dirt and is far from comfortable.

I Found A Simple Solution

The inspiration came when I was on a range at a USPSA match and I saw one shooter take off his ear muffs and "hang" them off of a spare mag on his belt.

It wasn't terribly stable and fell off a few minutes later but it did get me thinking... there has to be a product out there, or one that could be made that solves this issue.

Say Hello To The EarClip

This is the new "EarClip" from Ready Up Gear. It goes on the belt and gives you a simple, but a functional place to put your ear muffs when not in use.

It clips onto your belt and then has a special "bendy" design to make it easy to flex open and slide in your muffs.

A magnetic close guarantees your muffs don't slide or slip off unless you remove them.

How to use EarClip

We are having these made in batches of several thousand so we could get a really low cost and pass those savings on to you. At least for now you can order as many as you wish for only $11.99

Some More Pictures

earclip belt clip for hearing protection
EarClip belt hanger for ear muffs
ear muffs belt hanger

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