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How To Clean Your Gun Without Making A Mess, Gumming Up Your Action, Or Wasting Time and Money All While Enjoying Optimal Performance

cleaning mess

If you have owned guns for any length of time you have probably been introduced to those famous brand gun oils that haven't changed in over 50 years and continue to dominate gun store shelves everywhere.

These traditional oils come with their own problems but most of us have never considered there might be a better way. If you are like me you probably just assume that cleaning a gun has to:

  • Make a mess
  • Ensure a lot of wasted oil and product
  • Take too long to accomplish well
  • Be performed regularly to ensure proper lubrication

So when I was looking for a better solution I made a shortlist of requirements. They are IN ORDER:

  1. Optimal performance. Regardless of conditions, humidity, or temperature, it keeps the guns running as long as possible. No gumming up ever!
  2. A method to apply the lubricant that is more efficient than dabbing it onto a rag or squeezing drops out onto the firearm itself. This creates a mess and causes a lot of waste.
  3. More economic. Optimal performance leads to having to lubricate less often and less waste in the application means it takes less product to get the job done but besides those benefits, I didn't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on the product.

The Solution it Turns Out, Came From The Most Unlikely of Places... Bacon

Introducing: Pig Lube

When a friend of mine told me he had made a revolutionary breakthrough in firearm lubricant and named it after a delicious farm animal I was skeptical.

But I put it through my 3 requirements and this is what I found.

pig lube glock

#1 Optimal Performance


Pig Lube is NOT just bottled Bacon Grease

When I first discovered Pig Lube and their strange facination with using bacon grease I was concerned. But it turns out, their process for synthesizing the bacon grease is unparalleled.

They use a process that removes all salts, sugars and contaminants from the all-natural animal fat, stabilizing the grease and preventing it from becoming rancid.

The synthesizing process also increases the flashpoint of the bacon grease, meaning that the point at which the bacon grease will burn and turn into smoke and ash is so high that, quite frankly you will never reach it inside the action of a firearm.

Synthesizing the grease also lowers the temp at which the bacon grease solidifies, so it retains its lubricant properties at temperatures well below zero.

Bacon grease (after all of the corrosive properties are removed through the synthesizing process of course) is actually a really decent lubricant on its own and has been used in machining and large equipment for decades. But they didn't stop there….

As a carrier for the Bacon Grease, they use a high grade, synthetic oil. It is the most minor of the components, but they didn't cut corners. They can't tell you the exact formula, but it is the same oil that Ferrari uses in their Formula One race cars.

It comes with a high price tag, but it is well worth it. They are using a special version made to match the properties and weight of the synthesized bacon grease, so that when they use the homogenizer to blend the mixture (this is like the machine that pharmaceutical companies use to permanently blend oils in water bases) the materials NEVER separate.


Pig Lube contains "Nano Particle Technology"

Pictured are the surfaces of your slide and rails on a microscopic level. They are full of holes, grooves, and imperfections.

Most lubricants only offer a thin liquid/grease barrier in high friction areas, usually between the two metal surfaces. This is fantastic as long as the lubricant lives on those surfaces, but all too often lubricant is removed by heat, wear, sloughing, and displacement within the first few mags.

Nano particles are about 10^2 larger than atoms. Nano Particle Technology solves this problem by impregnating the microscopic grooves on the metal surface with tiny tiny tungsten carbide “ball bearings.”

These particles work themselves into the smallest of surface imperfections and simulate a solid surface with glass-like smoothness and a layer or two of tungsten carbide “ball bearings.”

In the event that the carrier oil is displaced, Pig Lube retains its lubricating properties by remaining embedded in the surface of your moving parts and acting as tiny tiny ball bearings in high friction areas.

#2 Efficient Method To Apply


Pig Lube is applied with a foam stick applicator

Don't mistake this for a common female cosmetic product... and don't put it on your lips!

Pig Lube is applied using a small applicator that fits in all the groves of your frame and slide as needed. No rags, no pouring it onto or into anything. No dropper tool.

Just unscrew the lid and pull out the applicator and apply the lubricant where you need it. Then put it back. Done.

Zero Mess. Zero Waste. Zero Rags or Patches.

#3 More Economic


Pay Less

Pig Lube is affordable when you understand all of it's advantages. The standard "tube" lasts me a few thousand rounds through my gun.

With a traditional gun oil; I would go through several bottles, rags, patches, and mess to clean a few thousand rounds worth of carbon and keep the firearm running smoothly.

With Pig Lube that just doesn't happen. It takes so little to apply properly, and does its job for so long, that it lasts SOOOO much longer than you think.

Pig Lube is the only thing I run in my guns. It works consistently with my carbines, shotguns, and handguns.

Lubrication is critical to high-performance shooting and I trust Pig Lube to ensure my "tools" operate at their best.

It goes on quick and clean and lasts for what seems like forever. Trust me, if you try it you will never go back.

Riley Bowman

Director of Training -
3-Gun and USPSA Competitive Shooter

Riley Bowman - Competitive Shooter Sponsored by Pig Lube

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So Remember Pig Lube is My Choice for Firearm Lubricant. I'm confident you will be pleased if you give it a try!

Benefits To You Will Include:

  • Each application will last 4-5x longer than competing products due to the Nano Particle micro ball bearings
  • It will withstand extreme cold and hot temperatures due to the special NASCAR formula oil that is infused into the lubricant
  • Optionally purchase Bacon-Scented lube which will make any shooting experience smell soo sweet
  • Will clean any gun jam that is inhibiting your firearms ability
  • Works with all your handguns, shotguns, rifles, semi-automatic, fully automatic, and much more
  • No mess and no waste because of the Foam Applicator
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Now Only $6.99 - Select Your Options On The Next Page


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