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The Industry Standard State Gun Law Reference Book

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  • From, the most trusted resource for American gun owners.

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Looking for a comprehensive guide to gun laws in the US? Look no further. This simple to navigate book has everything you need to legally navigate the country with your firearms.

Book Features:

A simple summary for each state and DC which includes:

  • Open Carry Laws
  • If the state has a Duty to Notify Law Enforcement
  • Laws relating to State and National Parks
  • Laws relating to possession in establishments that serve alcohol
  • Laws relating to the possession of firearms at K-12 schools & Colleges
  • State magazine capacity limitations if any
  • State laws that limit lawful possession and use of suppressors if any
  • How one can legally possess a firearm in the vehicle in a state where the gun owner has no recognized permit(s)
  • State firearm law uniformity and preemption laws
  • Laws relating to firearms in Hotels
  • What department or agency in the state issues concealed carry permits
  • If the state issues concealed carry permits to non-residents
  • Current permit reciprocity
Sample Page
Sample Page

Plus a state summary by legal topic. At a glance see the laws for all 50 states plus DC for one given legal topic.

We have also included over 30 pages of information to inform and clarify specific laws and concerns relating to traveling with a firearm including:

  • AIR TRAVEL and how to properly check a firearm, firearm parts, or ammunition on your next flight
  • How to understand and apply FOPA 926A to be able to transport firearms through any state regardless of local laws
  • How to research and understand the laws that regulate carry of a firearm inside a National Park, Monument, or Memorial

Starting at just $9.99

Which Gun Laws Could You Be Unknowingly Breaking?


Here are two examples of people who had to do battle in the courtroom to stay out of jail and prevent being convicted of felonies that would jeopardize their ability to ever OWN a gun again.

In July Brian Fletcher was arrested in New Jersey for doing something he was taught to do back in his home state of North Carolina. “As co-owner of a company that repairs cell towers, Brian Fletcher and his crews were responding to an emergency call that sent them to New Jersey where half a million people were without power due to a storm. But in an instant, Brian went from helping people to getting a crash course in “Jersey justice.”

“Elizabeth Elderli never leaves her Houston home unarmed. So, when the former U.S. Marine visited Manhattan's September 11 Memorial, two guns were in her backpack when she saw a “no firearms” sign at the security checkpoint. Elderli told a police officer about the loaded 9-mm. and .380-caliber semi-automatic guns — both covered by her Texas-issued concealed weapons permit, which she believed was valid in New York. But she quickly learned that the Empire State's gun control laws bear no resemblance to those in effect back home. Elderli was arrested in the Saturday incident, charged with felony possession of a weapon and left facing 3 ½ to 15 years in prison.”

And if you think its just famously anti-gun states like New Jersey & New York that are getting people in trouble you are mistaken. Texas, Florida, Alaska, and other states that we often perceive to be very gun-friendly have gun laws that create traps for otherwise law-abiding gun owners.

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Starting at just $9.99