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How To Effectively Conceal a Firearm On Your Person Without Sacrificing Comfort or Access For Defensive Use

A Master Course that is actually focused on the art of concealment itself which covers the roles of a holster, different carry positions, and concealment strategies.

Jacob Paulsen
President |

Jacob Paulsen
President of

Dear Friend,

As the President of I've spent years teaching people concealment mindset, tactics, laws, and skills. Recently however I discovered that there is something far more foundational and important than I ever could have imagined.

You see, it doesn't matter if you know how to shoot, if you know the rules of engagement, or if you can hit targets at 25 yards; if you don't have a gun on you to begin with.

The most recent data shows that over 24.5 MILLION American adults have a concealed carry permit. Yet, relatively few carry a firearm on them on a regular basis.

The top reason why they don't? Firearms are hard to conceal and they can be uncomfortable.

So, even though we think of the actual act of putting a firearm in a holster and putting it on your body in a manner that is comfortable and concealed as extremely basic and foundational to concealed carry; it is actually the greatest barrier that prevents people from taking proactive steps toward their own defense.

Thank you for considering this holsters & concealment course. I'm confident you won't regret it!

Jacob S Paulsen

What Is the Number 1 Rule of A Gunfight? Bring A Gun.

Nothing else about concealed carry or firearm-related self-defense matters if you don't have quick access to a firearm when your life is on the line.

Sadly the data tells us that a very low percentage of people who go to the effort of getting a concealed carry permit and/or committing to carrying a firearm some or all of the time actually do.

The majority of firearm owners, including those with permits, give up on the idea of regular concealed carry.

What do you think the top reason is for giving up? According to our survey data of thousands of former concealed carry class students...

DIFFICULTY CONCEALING THE GUN OR PHYSICAL DISCOMFORT is the top reason given for not carrying often.

reasons why you don't carry regularly

Even Those That Carry End Up With A "Box of Holsters"

Even those who do carry regularly on average own more than 4 holsters each on average because comfort and concealment are dealbreakers to carrying a gun.

Comfortable is a relative term and we are all looking for the next best holster which will increase comfort and concealment.

The problem is rooted in education and training.

It Takes More Than A New Holster To Succeed

Overcoming discomfort and poor concealment probably isn't something you can solve by buying a new holster.

You might get lucky... and just get the right holster with the right layout, hardware, and setup that just works perfectly for you.

More likely your next holster will fail you if you don't understand the principles of concealment and how the holster plays into an overall strategy.

That Is Why We Created This Course

Effective concealment is about understanding a series of important principles, how those principles manifest themselves with holsters, guns, clothing, and belts, and how you leverage those principles to work with your own body.

So we set out to create a course that teaches and illustrates those principles to remove the mystery of concealment and comfort.

Since the holster is the primary element that effects concealment and comfort much of the conversation relates to holsters.

Introducing, "Holsters, Concealment, And Carry Positions"

Holsters concealment and carry positions Software Box

5 and 1/2 hours of online video content that covers in depth the principles of concealment from clothing to belts and everything in between.

This online video training program gives you the tools to build a concealment system tailor-made for your body, your gun, and your mission.

Taught by experts (more below) and given from the perspective of both men and women, this is the most comprehensive course ever created on this topic.

Here is a short teaser of the type of content you can expect in the course:

Your Instructor:

riley bowman

Riley Bowman is an accomplished shooter and firearms instructor. He came up in this world initially through his 8-year experience with a state-level law enforcement agency in Colorado. Riley has studied under and completed many hundreds of hours of training with names like Rob Leatham, Mike Seeklander, Scott Jedlinksi, Tim Herron, Matt Little, Dave Spaulding, Jeff Gonzales, Kyle Lamb, and others. He is a Colorado POST-certified Law Enforcement and Patrol Rifle Instructor, an NRA Pistol Instructor, and a graduate of Trident Concepts Concealed Carry Instructor program. He also competes in 3-gun and USPSA matches having numerous top-5 and top-10 finishes at major matches and is classified as a Master-class shooter in USPSA.

Featuring Annette Evans with "On Her Own"

Annette Evans picked up her first gun just over ten years ago “because every girl should know how to shoot.” She started as a defensive shooter, became an instructor, then fell in love with competitive shooting.

As a thought leader in the space, Annette has authored a book about dry fire and is the author and force behind "Beauty Behind the Blast" and "On Her Own" where she writes about self-defense and prevailing as a female minority in a male-dominated industry. She has competed at the highest level with a trophy collection that includes the USPSA Area 8 Ladies Production Championship.

Annette is truly a student of the gun with thousands of hours of training with and learning from the best of the best in the defensive firearm community.

Annette Evans

This Course Is Not A Sales Pitch

You might be thinking that we made this video course as a simple way to sell you a holster, a belt, or some other gizmo.

We didn't.

In Fact, There Is No Name Calling

Over 5 hours of content and this course doesn't endorse a single product or promote any brand over any other brand. When necessary or relevant a few products are named but almost without exception there is no name-calling; good or bad.

Remember this isn't about a product. It is about you learning principles and understanding what works and what doesn't work.

The idea is to give you a methodology and the information necessary to make your own decisions. Not make them for you.

Here's What You're Going To Get

22 Comprehensive Video Lessons – more than 5 hours of education from Riley and Annette

Lesson #1: Introduction

Introducing the course layout and the general approach and objectives

Lesson #2: 4 Rules of A Holster

Explaining 4 deal-breaker features that every holster must have

holster introduction

Lesson #3: Holster Materials

The pros and cons of leather, kydex, nylon, and much more

Lesson #4: Gun Dimensions

Busting the myths on which gun dimensions impact concealment and comfort

Axis of concealment

Lesson #5: 3 Axis of Concealment

Clarifying the dynamic 3D rotation of a gun on a belt and how to control it to maximize concealment

Lesson #6: Concealment Features of Holsters

Discussing what elements of holsters leverage the 3 axis of concealment and how

bad holster clips

Lesson #7: Holster Clips to Avoid

Pointing out some of the common garbage clips that cause holsters to fail

Lesson #8: All About Belts

Talking through the different styles of "gun belts" and how their attributes affect concealment and comfort


Lesson #9: Annette Introduced

We introduce Annette and the perspective she brings to the conversation

Lesson #10: Talking Belts With Annette

Annette has some valuable insights to add to the belt conversation

light bearing holsters

Lesson #11: OWB Holsters

Discussing different styles and attributes of OWB holsters

Lesson #12: IWB & AIWB Holsters

Discussing different styles and attributes of IWB holsters

OWB Holsters

Lesson #13: Holster Hardware

Looking at clips, wings, claws, wedges, and other hardware that can assist you in making your holster more effective and comfortable

Lesson #14: Hybrid Holsters

Discussing different styles and attributes of Hybrid holsters

holster hardware

Lesson #15: Off-Waist Carry

Looking at different options for firearm carry on the body this isn't directly on the waist line

Lesson #16: Unconventional Methods of On Body Carry

Some of the carry methods that are less common and often come with compromise

on body holsters

Lesson #17: Off-Body Carry

Discussing tactics and techniques to maximize safety and defensive staging when carrying in a bag or purse

Lesson #18: How to Use The Restroom While Carrying

An important discussion about the safe method to use the restroom while carrying a firearm on your waist

off body carry

Lesson #19: Concealment Comfort Tips

Annette shares some useful tips to make your firearm more comfortable without compromising other important factors

Lesson #20: AIWB Draw and Fire

Live demonstration of drawing and presenting the firearm to target from the appendix position

comfort tips

Lesson #21: Riley OWB & Annette Bra Holster

Live demonstration of drawing the firearm from OWB or from a Bra Holster

Lesson #22: Riley Ankle & Annette Purse

Live demonstration on drawing from an ankle holster or from a purse holster

ankle draw
Holsters concealment and carry positions Software Box

Access to "Holsters, Concealment, and Carry Positions", a comprehensive online-based training course for Concealed Carriers including over 5 and 1/2 hours of video content.

Only $45.45


The "Holsters, Concealment, and Carry Postitions" Course is Included At No Cost As A Part of Guardian Nation Membership. If Interested Click Here. Existing Members, Find This Course In The Member's Area.

online course guarantee

Common Questions About this Course:

How Will I Get The Course Material?

After checkout you will have access to watch the entire course including all of it's video content right here in our website's learning management platform or in our free mobile phone app. Your access is permanent… so you can always come back to the site and watch all the course videos anytime you wish.

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