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The PROPER Use of Cover Matters
Research of analyzing well-trained shooters suggests a 59% increase in survival (or specifically a 59% decrease in hits on the target from the threat) when the cover is properly utilized.

The Problem? The word "PROPER" in that sentence. Anyone can run to cover and hide behind it but that doesn't give you the tactical advantage that cover should or would if used properly.

One needs the skills AND the tactics to know how to move to cover and then how to use that cover to protect oneself WHILE engaging the threat. This subtle art is critical to maximizing the odds of success in any gunfight.

Active Shooter events are especially critical places for the use of cover. A lot of domestic or small scale assault threats happen in close proximity and end very quickly... sometimes before one could get to and use cover. But in many events and in almost EVERY active shooter or mass shooting event the use of cover becomes a CRITICAL tool to both survival and ending the threat efficiently.

It is because we feel that the proper use of cover may be the single greatest skill one needs in these gunfights (beyond basic fundamental shooting skills) that we chose to dedicate this entire training program on the topic.

The First-Ever And Complete Training on Use Of Cover

We searched high and low and could NOT find a single course available in-person or via video dedicated to the topic of Use of Cover and/or Shooting Positions.

In most defensive handgun or carbine training 20-30 minutes may be dedicated to showing students a handful of shooting positions and how to "slice the pie" but this education is NOT sufficient to give the shooter the knowledge of WHAT to do or the know how of how to practice and train for it.

Fighting From Cover basically follows this general outline:

First: What are the various skills and tactics of use of cover and various shooting positions

Second: How does one practice and build those skills and make them second nature (especially given the challenges of range restrictions and potential safety risks)

Third: How does the use of cover skills and tactics get applied in a real-life gunfight

What You Will Learn

  • How safety rules apply to compromised shooting positions
  • A change in the paradigm of traditional cover vs concealment
  • ​The proper method of slicing the pie when working with cover
  • ​How to find the right balance of distance off cover given your current threat
  • ​The dangers of being too close OR too far off your cover
  • ​Dealing with and even taking advantage of physical limitations
  • ​How to manage mechanical offset with handguns or rifles to get shots on your threat
  • ​What everyday objects provide good cover in a home, in a workplace, and in public
  • ​All the various shooting positions you can use to get shots on any target
    • Over a street curb
    • Under around or over a car
    • Around a pillar or wall
    • Through a crack or hole in a surface
    • Much much more
  • ​A review of important considerations that vary between a handgun and a rifle
  • ​How to move to cover and WHEN and HOW to shoot when moving VS just moving quickly
  • ​What it means to Pay for Space and Then Own it to increase odds of winning the fight
  • ​The special Tony predictability drill
  • ​Several proven way and tools to increase stress in training to simulate real-world environments 

Plus A Direct Understanding and Education About the Application of Use of Cover and Shooting Positions In Real Life

  • A review & analysis of 4 actual gunfights using surveillance video with John Correia
  • Demonstration on how use of cover applied in those gunfights
  • ​Review of drills to run on a live fire range to build skills related to those kinds of situations
  • Four active shooter scenarios crafted and acted out for educational purposes
  • ​Analysis of active shooter events and the proper application of cover

Your Instructor:


Riley Bowman is the Director of Training at and the creator and host of The Concealed Carry Podcast. Riley is an accomplished firearms shooter and instructor. With a background in law enforcement and security, Riley enjoys sharing his knowledge and expertise when it comes to firearms safety, self-defense and concealed carry. Riley is an NRA Pistol Instructor and is also a Colorado P.O.S.T. Certified Law Enforcement Handgun and Patrol Rifle Instructor as well as a certified Glock & Sig Sauer Armorer. Riley successfully won his division of the Rocky Mountain Regional Championship of The American Marksman competition and was a finalist at the National Championship. He competes nationally in 3-Gun.

Featuring John Correia With Active Self Protection

John is a contributor to "Fighting From Cover." John founded Active Self Protection in 2011 to teach people in all walks of life to develop the attitude, skills, and plan to defend themselves and their families from harm.

He is qualified as a Force Science Certified Force Science Analyst, a Law of Self Defense verified instructor graduate, a Massad Ayoob Group MAG40 graduate and $5 bill awardee.

In addition John is a 2nd degree black belt in a derivative of Kenpo known as UMAS, a Rangemaster Certified Pistol instructor, Sig Sauer Academy Semi-Auto Pistol Instructor graduate, NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, Shooting-Performance Instructor graduate and much much more.


Featuring Tony Lambraia With Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM)

Tony is a contributor to "Fighting From Cover." Tony Lambraia has over 30 years of experience in Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement.

He has trained military and Law Enforcement worldwide for over two decades. He has been featured on many Law Enforcement networks and publications from Police One to the Law Enforcement Television Network (LETN).

He has served as a U.S. Marine, correction officer, patrol officer, Detective, SWAT and SRT Commander, chief of Counter Terrorism (OTP) and tactics branches, Fed. Deputy Director and more. Mr Lambraia had testified as a SME in UOF and has defended Police Officers across the U.S.. He has taught MMA and holds several black belts in various martial arts.

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Common Questions About this Course:

How Will I Get The Course Material?

If you purchase the online only or combo course you will have access after checkout to the videos in this course via our website or free mobile phone app. Your access is permanent… so you can always come back to the site and watch all the course videos anytime you wish.

If you order the DVD or the combo, a physical DVD will be shipped to you.

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