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Urban Carry Revo Holster System – The Good and The Bad

shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn In September of 2017 Urban Carry brought Riley and I down to Orlando to their headquarters for a preview of the new Revo holster system to be launched in October 2017. Urban Carry has made a name for themselves in the industry by thinking about concealed carry differently. The […]

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Episode 181: 5 Stories Where “Victims” Refused to be Victims

shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedInThis last week has been a busy one! The U.S. House passed H.R. 38 packaged together with the Fix NICS bill. One Hawaiian police department says they will not enforce the law where it comes to confiscating firearms from or charging owners that also use marijuana. One college cancels a […]

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Fix NICS Bill

People are Panicking over “Fix NICS” but Should They?

shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedInAs many of you know, has been covering the status of the National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act with great interest. We believe that this bill has always been a fantastic advance for carriers around the country and still believe it will serve our flock well. HOWEVER, there has been […]

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