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Looking for your Training Dashboard?

In April 2018 we updated our data system relating to the training dashboard. This major update added a lot of new features that make the training tracker more powerful and flexible than ever before.

The new training tracker is immediately available via our Concealed Carry Gun Tools mobile app but for the next few weeks, it will NOT be available here via our desktop website as we work on upgrading the system to match the updated interface and data structure of the mobile app.

Please check back in a few days and in the meanwhile please consider using the new upgraded mobile app. It is free and I think you will like what we have done with the training log system.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is my data lost? NO. Your data is being migrated to the new format/structure
  2. How can I log my new shooting data? For right now the only way to access your old data and log new data is via the free mobile app