Episode 259: Target Shooters Make HUGE Mistake, End Up Killing Boy

Today Riley and Matthew cover the latest stories from around the USA in the firearms and concealed carry communities. With legislative updates, general interest stories and analysis of JUSTIFIED SAVE events, situations where regular citizens were forced to stop violent attacks, robberies and sexual assaults by using their own lawfully possessed and carried firearms. Today’s JUSTIFIED STORIES are no different especially in the case where a man is forced to take cover and return fire after a case of hit-and-run turned into road rage. Also we cover the tragic story of a 14-yr-old Utah boy killed by a stray bullet from unsuspecting target shooters, and we discuss how we might better able avoid similar things from happening in the future.

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Episode 165: Universal Background Checks Ineffective Study Shows

Some pretty big news out this week about background checks. A three year lo back at the effectiveness of universal background checks in Colorado and Washington forced the author of that study who “wanted to see a different result” to admit that there has been no measurable impact on crime reduction. This plus tons of other great analysis on many other stories including a couple of JUSTIFIED stories that have some critical lessons to learn from.

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Everything You Need to Know About Universal Background Checks


Of the many common rhetoric of the gun-control lobby, one of the frequent we hear is a call for “Universal background checks.” This article covers all the core points surrounding the arguments for and against this legislation. Next time you hear anyone call “Universal background checks” a good idea please send them the link to this article.

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