Episode 354: “I Will Not Comply!”

Today Riley and Matthew cover the latest stories from around the USA about firearms and concealed carry related legislation, laws, gun control, etc. Today we’ll be talking about the current push to ban “assault weapons,” create mandatory buyback programs, registration, licensing, and red flag laws. Plus we’ll talk about the testimony in front of a House Judiciary Committee given yesterday by Dianna Muller and her clarion call of “I will not comply!”

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The Attack On Our Second Amendment Continues

no guns allowed

The attack on the Constitution and our Second Amendment continues and we’re stuck with no real leadership to guide us out of this mess. The latest attack comes on the heels of back to back mass killings where multiple lives were taken. And, in a knee jerk reaction, the only apparent solution to mass killings…

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Gov. Signs Changes to Hawaii’s Already Strict Gun Laws

Two additional gun laws have been added to the state of Hawaii which already has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation. Governor David Ig has signed Senate Bill 600 and Senate Bill 1466 which passed through appropriate government channels without incident despite opposition from the NRA-ILA, and the Hawaii Firearms Coalition. SB…

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Don’t Do This With Your Guns, A New Series

guns too big to carry concealed

Some people are misinformed and end up doing things that could get them into trouble. While my first thought was to turn this whole thing into a je, saying that these people were dumb, I thought better of it because I do believe that even in the age of the internet there are folks who…

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