How To Up Your Skills as a Shooter

How often should you be training? How about every day? While going to the range and doing some good old fashioned live fire training is always a good idea, there are other things that you can be doing in the comfort of your own home to really kick your skills up a notch. Dry Fire…

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New From Next Level Training at SHOT Show 2019

There are a ton of dry fire tools out there, some better than others. But, one of our favorite tools available is from Next Level Training. We like their gear so much we sell their stuff in our on store. You can see the gear we sell for them, by pushing on that link.

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LASR X: An Update To An Already Awesome Training Tool


One of our favorite dry fire training tools just got better. L.A.S.R X now works with all devices, whereas the previous version only worked with certain devices like Windows operating system. L.A.S.R. X, or Laser Activated Shot Reporter X, now works with all Android and iOS smart phones as well as Windows and MacOS computers…

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Barrel Blok – Everyone Should Own This Tool

I’m a fairly open-minded guy and tend to lo at almost all gear as having its time and its place. Rarely do I find something and think, “every gun owner should have one of these.” This is one of those times. Before I tell you anything about BarrelBl let me also tell you that we…

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How To Fix That Flinch with the Empty Case Drill

Fix that flinch with the empty case drill It’s the most common shooting error, one every shooter has done at least once, and one many shooters don’t realize they have. It goes by several names—the flinch, anticipation, and jerking the trigger are among the most common. While the problem may not be apparent to the…

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3 Dry Fire Drills You Need

Guardian Nation Dry-Fire Course

It is hard to say what are the best dry fire drills. But these drills are 3 that I use routinely in my dry fire practice routine. If you haven’t heard, we think dry fire practice is incredibly beneficial for anyone who shoots. Over the years we have published so many articles describing its benefits.…

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