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Stop The Assault 2019 Campaign

We have joined a coalition of Liberty-minded organizations who are standing together to deliver a common message of unity and freedom. “We The People” must remind our elected officials that they are in office to PROTECT our Liberties… NOT Assault them.

Please help us spread this message by printing copies of the “Stop The Assault” campaign letter and mail them to your local, state, and federal elected officials on February 1st, 2019; National Freedom Day.

Elected officials must stop their attack on the Liberties of law-abiding American citizens. Whether it be a limitation or restriction of free speech, religion, due process, personal property rights, or the right to self-preservation and the right to protect those that we love; the incremental erosion of one right is an attack on them all. Liberty is a “Yes or No” proposition. We either have Liberty or we do not.

If each of us invests a little effort and a few dollars in ink and stamps, we can remind those in office that we are watching and we will no longer stand by while they Assault our Rights, Liberties, and Freedom with the stroke of a pen.

Here Is What I Am Asking: