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Virtual Classroom with Rob Leatham


Pull up a chair to your computer and access our virtual classroom to take advantage of tips, tricks and knowledge that will be taught to you by the industries leading professionals. Hone your skills with a firearm and enjoy the educating conversations that will take place all without leaving the comfort of your home! This virtual classroom will be taught by Rob Leatham, he offers exceptional insight and entertaining banter so don’t wait, buy your access now to this virtual classroom! Learn more below.


This virtual classroom will be taught by Rob Leatham. Live attendees can ask any question. The broadcast will be on Tuesday June 27th, 2017. Rob is a 30-time USPSA / IPSC National  Champion and 8-time IPSC World Champion. He is credited with inventing the modern isosceles shooting stance and is the only competitive shooter to ever win the Steel Challenge, The Bianchi Cup, and the IPSC US Nationals in the same year. He has been a full time professional shooter, sponsored by Springfield Armory since 1989. He is widely known in the industry as TGO which stands for “The Great One.”


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