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Short Lethal Lace Holster


This Short Lethal Lace Holster will conform to the needs of the user no matter where you carry your firearm on your leg. No longer do you have to dress and adjust your attire around your firearm, the era of having to sacrifice personal fashion for self-defense is over. Take a look at the Lethal Lace video now!

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Looking for the Universal / Full Body Lethal Lace Holster? Click Here.

This is the shorter length version of the original Universal Lethal Lace Holster design that is used for leg and ankle concealment.  You would have to spend hundreds of dollars in other holsters to be able to have the functionality of this one holster. The Short Lethal Lace Holster is non-weapon specific and can hold any size handgun.

  • instructions_largeOne holster will serve for Any lower body position including Upper Leg, Thigh, Ankle
  • Universal for ANY handgun. The way the holster wraps ensures both strong retention and protection over the trigger guard regardless the size or shape of the gun.
  • Available in your choice of four colors
  • Has 2 pockets; 1 for your firearm and a second pocket for a spare magazine or other personal item.
  • There is an included neoprene foam pad in the firearm pocket to be used as added cushion, or it can be removed for less bulk and more concealment.

To wear the Lethal Lace Holster, the firearm is placed into the end pocket at the desired location the wearer intends to conceal his/her weapon. The tag should be facing your leg. The lace is then wrapped around the leg in a clockwise manner, securing the weapon tightly to the leg. The handle can be left exposed for draw, or covered for ultimate concealment. There are 2 heavy-duty suspender grips that are attached to the holster itself (one is located at the end of the material, and another at the bottom of the firearm pocket).


  • Hand wash and air day; or machine wash on delicate in a garment bag and air dry.
  • The holster is ambidextrous working for right or left handed shooters

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Black, Teal, Pink, Nude


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