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RangeTech Shot Timer Android 3.5mm Jack

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The RangeTech Shot Timer Gen 1 plugs into your phone's 3.5mm audio jack and interfaces with our free RangeTech App. It provides the world's most affordable, reliable, and feature-rich shot timer.

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The RangeTech Shot Timer Gen1 plugs into your phone's 3.5mm audio jack and interfaces with the RangeTech App to provide the world's most affordable, reliable, and feature rich shot timer.

*The RangeTech Shot Timer Gen1 is NOT currently supported on phones which require an adapter for 3.5mm audio devices and is not supported for iPhones

The RangeTech Shot Timer has more features than any other shot timer.

Preparatory Commands

  • “Shooter Ready, Standby” and various other options before the timer starts

Start Delay

  • Fully customizable range or set value

Wide selection of Start signals

  • From beeps to voice commands


  • Can set a goal or limit for the number of shots or the amount of time
  • Fully customizable set value or range
  • Various audio par signals

Auto Restart

  • For quick repetitions of the same drill, you can set the app to automatically restart between reps


  • Infinite number of strings can be held for quick reveiw, comparision, and scoring

No Shot Limit

  • There is no limit to the number of total shots or shots per string


  • Time Plus (i.e. IDPA)
  • Points/Hit Factor (i.e. USPSA)
  • Automatic Ranking/Placing
  • String notes (i.e. shooters name, gun, or other details)
  • Automatic stage/small-match management

Photo attachments

  • Take pictures of your targets (or anything) to record accuracy

Saving/Sharing (internet connection required)

  • Save strings for later review and analysis
  • Share strings online

Multiple start options

  • Use the touch screen or volume buttons to start the timer

Audio out

  • Connect the shot timer to speaker, earphones, or compatible ear protection

Free support

  • Built-in feedback and tech support

No Licensing Limits

  • Use with as many devices as you wish

More Features coming soon!

  • All app updates are free and automatic

1 review for RangeTech Shot Timer Android 3.5mm Jack

  1. Rob Beckman

    Great product that gives me the ability to have a small portable shot timer with me anytime I have my android phone with me.

    Easy to install the phone app and easy to install the shot timer in the earplug jack on my phone.

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