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KSG Armory Lumos Light Bearing IWB Holster


Note: Lead time on this product is appx 7-14 days.

Please review the pictures and the description below if you have any questions.

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You want a light on your pistol and want to keep others in the dark about that?  The Lumos will do it.

Adding a light is often bulky, even with a small light on a small pistol.  This is an unavoidable fact, but utilizing a modular belt claw and optional foam wedge allows you to customize concealment to a remarkable extent.

Right hand, left hand, ambidextrous use?  It’s your choice.  If you want a sweat guard with a dedicated use for right or left hand, that’s available.  If you want something ambidextrous it will come with a mid height sweat guard.

The slide length will be at least as long as the light, as there’s no advantage to cutting it down and in fact, doing so can create a hot spot.  Thus, there is no option for the G43X MOS + TLR7 sub, just the G48 version.  Likewise with Sig’s P365 & 365XL versions.

Enigma compatible!  🙂  Important note: it comes standard with two 1.5″ RCS clips.  If you want no clips for use with an Enigma, that saves money.  If you want to upgrade the RCS clips to DCC clips, that is extra.

If you’re still using a traditional belt, we’ve got you covered with your choice of either Discreet Carry Concepts clips or struts and loops.  If you’re planning to carry AIWB I recommend the DCC clips as they’re lower profile and for strong side the struts and loops are superior as they allow you to fine-tune the combination of ride height and cant.

It’s important to note that both the pistol and light models must match exactly and you cannot use the pistol without the light properly attached.

A wedge, if you’re planning to wear it at the appendix position, is available as an addon.

The belt claw, sometimes called a wing, will rotate/tuck the grip into the body. The Modwing comes standard.  The tip of the claw is removable and has two options for height to provide different levels of grip rotation. If you decide you don't want a wing or claw just remove it with a phillip’s head screwdriver.

Belt Attachment Options:

The soft loops, coming standard, will fit 1.25″, 1.5″, or 1.75″ belts.  The angle of cant is adjustable by moving one or both of the soft loops. The soft loops are great as they can only be attached and detached in a single direction making them versatile but very secure.

If you’d prefer clips that are tuckable, choose the DCC clips option.  You can adjust ride height and cant with the Discreet Carry Concepts clip.

The DCC clips will give a wider range of adjustment, while the soft loops are easier to get on/off the belt.

Lastly, you can choose the DCC 1.5″ Monoblock which is not tuckable but can also be adjusted in height and cant by using the various mounting holes on the holster.

This holster is optimized for the Philster Enigma. If you plan to use it with the Enigma you can choose to not include any belt attachments at all and that will save you $5.



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