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KSG Armory Kaery IWB Holster


Note: Lead time on this product is appx 7-14 days.

Please review the pictures and the description below if you have any questions.

This holster is ambidextrous but we can set it up for right or left hand for you.


A full kydex shell with a mid-height guard, this holster is originally designed at the request of its namesake, Concealed Kaery, who encouraged me to make holsters for the Ruger SR22 and the S&W M&P 22. The success of these models prompted me to add more options.

This holster is optimized around smaller sub-compact and micro-compact firearms.

  • Ambidextrous.  The 1.5″ belt clip (monoblock) by Discreet Carry Concepts can be placed on either the left or right side with equal ease.  Whether you want to train your “off-hand” side, loan it to a wrong-handed friend, or place it in a bag or pack for carrying, it’s a simple switch.
  • The full kydex shell retains positive retention, even if you turn it upside down and shake it lightly.  Retention is adjustable with Phillip’s head screwdriver.
  • A mid height sweat guard covers any controls the gun may have, such as the safety, so that they won’t be changed before you draw.
  • Slightly longer than the pistol itself, this adds stability when carried at the AIWB position, and is necessary due to the hardware attachment point.
  • The belt claw, sometimes called a wing, rotates the grip into the body for better concealment.  The tip is removable, and comes in two different heights.  This Mod wing is also ambidextrous and comes standard, the DSG Dark wing is available upon request, but is not ambidextrous.

It will interface perfectly with the Enigma belt system.

For now the only color available is black.

Lead time averages 5 – 14 days.  This is an estimate, not a promise.


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