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Please review the pictures and the description below if you have any questions. If this feels overwhelming we have a recommendation below as well.

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The Halcyon (formerly the Ares) is the most durable model that KSG Armory makes, ideal for use in force on force training where lots of stress is regularly applied to the holster.


  • Adjustable retention
  • Red dot optic compatibility is standard with all options
  • The holster features a generous sight channel that accommodates suppressor height sights
  • The bottom of the holster is left open to accommodate threaded barrels and ensure that anything falling into the holster will likely fall right out
  • The holster is slightly longer than the pistol with the standard configuration, and even more so with the extended length option which prevents anything from bumping it up and losing proper retention
  • Vacuum formed on CNC molds for precision, it is crafted from the industry-standard .08 thickness of Boltaron/Kydex

Belt Attachment Options:

The soft loops, coming standard, will fit 1.25″, 1.5″, or 1.75″ belts.  The angle of cant is adjustable by moving one or both of the soft loops. The soft loops are great as they can only be attached and detached in a single direction making them versatile but very secure.

If you’d prefer clips that are tuckable, choose the DCC clips option.  You can adjust ride height and cant with the Discreet Carry Concepts clip.

The DCC clips will give a wider range of adjustment, while the soft loops are easier to get on/off the belt.

Lastly, you can choose the DCC 1.5″ Monoblock which is not tuckable but can also be adjusted in height and cant by using the various mounting holes on the holster.

This holster is optimized for the Philster Enigma. If you plan to use it with the Enigma you can choose to not include any belt attachments at all and that will save you $5.


A wedge, if you’re planning to wear it at the appendix position, is available as an addon.  Important note: the RCS wedge does not bolt up to this holster.

AIWB Length:

Planning on carrying it AIWB?  Besides adding a wedge it is highly recommended that you go with the “Extended length” option.  The extra length not only stabilizes the pistol, but also spreads out the pressure and makes it more comfortable.  Remember, we can always cut the holster down, but it’s impossible to add it back. 😉

Belt claw options:

The belt claw, sometimes called a wing, will rotate/tuck the grip into the body. We offer three different options to choose from.

  • The Modwing comes standard.  The tip of the claw is removable and has two options for height to provide different levels of grip rotation.
  • The RCS VG claw sticks out to the side farther than the Modwing or the Dark Star Darkwing.  This gives more grip rotation than the Modwing with less belt deformation. It isn't available for left-handed holsters at this time.
  • The Dark Star Gear Darkwing is tapered, designed to work synergistically with the wedge, or possibly remove the need for the wedge if you’re one of the few that don’t need both.  It’s aggressive, creating lots of grip rotation, and is not modular.

If you decide you don't want a wing or claw just remove it with a phillip’s head screwdriver.

Recommended Options

If you are overwhelmed with all the options for this holster, here is a recommendation that will work for most:

Sweat guard height: Mid-height

AIWB length: Extended

Belt Attachment: Soft Loops

Wedge: Yes (you don't have to use it but you will likely be glad to have it)

Belt Claw: Modwing


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