Hip Hugger Shebang Holster From Can Can Concealment


Can Can Concealment

This is the SheBang Hip Hugger Holster. It fits full-sized handguns greater than 6.5″ in total length (Not barrel length)

Gun Size:

Micro – Sub-Compact firearms smaller than 4.5″ (Click Here)
Classic – Mid-sized compact handguns up to 6.5″ (Click Here)
SheBang -Pistols larger than 6.5″ (Order Below)


The Big SheBang! is designed for large handguns and service issued firearms! Accommodating up to 3 firearms (Anything over 6.5″ in total length) and 3 magazines or a combo of smartphones, taser, ID, lipsticks, personal knife and more! Conceal carry under separates!

  • 6″ profile Military-Grade Elastic holds 3 weapons and  extra magazines for secure Inside-the-Waistband Concealed Carry.
  • Two rows of Hypoallergenic Non-Slip Tacti-Grip keeps your holster in place all day.
  • 3 rows of metal Hook & Eye for an adjustable fit.
  • Patent Pending tabs for safe, easy, Heads-Up Re-Holstering.
  • 3 holstering positions: 1 Appendix, 2 Kidney carry options.
  • Large front pocket allows the grip to cant farther.
  • Appendix holster features Rare Earth Magnets for  Weapon Retention.
  • Magazine pockets are lined for Anti-Snag use.

Sizing: Our sizes are based on your measurements in inches. Although we have assigned S, M, L and X-L divisions, they may not be your usual size. It is very important to take accurate measurements 5 inches above where your legs meet your torso (The crease when you lift your leg, it's called the panty line). This is the top measurement and is the one to use when selecting size. You'll also wear the holster with the bottom of the unit at the panty line. As we have already taken the stretch of the elastic into account, please do not over-tighten the measuring tape. The product is meant to be slightly smaller than you as it is a compression holster.

*Made In the USA


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